How to water to shefler

How to water to shefler

Sheflera – rather whimsical plant which exterior the set of conditions, including the frequency and intensity of watering affects. Special complexity is in how to water to shefler, no, it is necessary to analyze condition of plant only attentively.

It is required to you

  • Water, pallet, haydite, sand.


1. Sheflera does not love excessive watering therefore it is abundant water only the young and being in stage of growth plants. More water is required to plants with large leaves and the developed root system and also when surrounding air temperature is high. At the same time most quicker than water evaporates when shefler lives in clay pot. The soil in plastic pots keeps humidity longer.

2. Ideal way of watering shefler is placing of pot in pallet on which bottom damp haydite and sand is filled. These materials absorb water and give it to plant as required. But such way of watering approaches only at good drainage of the soil and availability of openings in the lower part of pot. In this case add water to sand or haydite in process of their drying.

3. If such watering shefler does not seem too convenient, water plant one-two times a week. Need of watering is defined by dryness of earth lump. At the same time it is necessary to check this indicator not only for earth surfaces, but also in pot, at distance of couple of centimeters deep into. Sometimes at the external seeming dryness the soil in the pot ostaktsya damp and does not need additional watering. For this purpose use only the settled water of room temperature. She for watering of plants needs to be taken in advance and to keep in open bottle. Then part of hazardous substance will manage to evaporate. If there is opportunity, use for watering shefler water from the normal drinking filter. Such water is softer, than water, and is in addition purified from heavy metals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team