How to water tomatoes in the open ground

How to water tomatoes in the open ground

Watering of tomatoes is compulsory and important procedure in receiving big crops. The wrong watering can nullify all efforts and efforts on care for this culture which has become native on our beds.

Weather always introduces the amendments in waterings. The tomatoes planted in soil water taking into account weather patterns. And yet there are certain rules of watering of tomatoes which are saved up by experience:

- The planted seedling is watered only in hole at the roots.

- In process of survival and growth of plant water in grooves on rows, but not at the roots.

- The tomatoes which have entered in fructification water on all area of landing. 

- At strong cold snaps (it is lower than 10 wasps) and rainy weather the waterings and fertilizing do not carry out.

- Tomatoes do not water on leaves.

- As well as all plants, tomatoes water only in morning or evening hours in sunny weather. At cloudy weather time has no essential value. The main thing that the air temperature and waters was comfortable.

- At degradation of the soil and stripping of roots they are closed surely the soil or apply mulch.

- It is impossible to water tomatoes with cold not heated-up water from wells, wells. These plants natives of south countries, but not northerners.

How many times a week should be watered tomatoes in the open ground?

On average time in 5... 10 days. But considering various conditions of growth of this culture (structure of the soil, draft, age and height of plants, etc.) the frequency of watering can change. Important one - tomatoes love abundant watering, but ""to bog up"" the soil is not admissible. Also frequent waterings by small doses have negative effect. It weakens health of plants and provokes fungal diseases.

The first sign of need to water tomatoes - the lower leaves on plants were curtailed. If leaves have drooped, then it is not indicator of shortage of moisture, but indicator of weakness of root system.

At long hot weather if tomatoes are watered deeply, plants transfer such difficult conditions of overheating easier and keep all flower brushes.

If the soil heavy clay, dried up, then before waterings it has to be prorykhlit. Such soil is watered in several stages, allowing to go to the earth of each consignment of water.

To save time and water and also to deliver moisture and power supply easily and precisely modern systems for drop watering which are on sale in garden shops can. But gardeners handymen also think out the simple and inexpensive systems for watering.

The wrong watering is bad roots and poor development of bushes, lack of blossoming, fall of flowers and ovaries, small fruits, the cracked fruits, yield loss. The tomatoes which have entered blossoming should not be filled in, as a rule, excess moisture causes growth of green material and stepsons. Before emergence of fruits on the first brushes of plant it is better to water moderately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team