How to weed onions

How to weed onions

It is very important to combine removal of weeds on landings of onions with scarification. Air which through the dense soil gets badly is necessary for bulbs. Weeds exhaust nutrients from the soil, without allowing bulbs to ripen. It is possible to do weeding manually and to loosen row-spacings with mattock, and it is possible to use special purpose tools, such as Fokin's subsurface cultivator.

It is required to you

  • - water and stock for watering;
  • - chopper and mattock;
  • - Fokin's subsurface cultivator;
  • - gloves.


1. Weeding of the onions which have grown with weeds manually is made as follows. Before weeding surely wait for rain or well water bed with onions. You should not weed weeds on dry bed. First, all roots of weeds will remain in the dry earth. Secondly, if something manages to be uprooted, on it there will be earth lump which will take and will damage backs of the onions growing at row.

2. If normal, with upright stalk (orach, wood louse) to weed weeds it is necessary to begin surely with the beginning of bed. The hand needs to be moved towards itself directly at the earth that it is the closest to root to break weeds if with root to pull out them it will not turn out.

3. If weeds serious, such as birch or wheat grass, it is necessary to take knife and scissors. Accurately scissor birch lashes on several parts and remove from onions feather, trying not to damage onions. Wheat grass which has roots very long and powerful, do not even try to pull out with root. Cut out knife at the earth. Total fight against wheat grass should be carried out after onions are harvested, during autumn redigging of kitchen garden.

4. It was easier to weed and it was necessary to do it more rare, it is better to plant onions ranks and more often to loosen row-spacings. In the friable soil the weeds dry up, and moisture for growth new in enough does not arrive. For the loosening combined with weeding it is necessary to use special purpose tools. These are choppers and mattocks and also Fokin's subsurface cultivator.

5. On the short handle it is convenient to cut with the manual mattock combined with chopper (on one party chopper, on another – flat mattock) weeds, at the same time raking up them chopper and to loosen the soil. But this tool is bad the fact that because of the short handle it is necessary to bend low to plants or to squat on hunkers then the back and all body hurts.

6. The following tool which is on sale in garden shops, reminds brace which in old times got chuguna from the furnace. On horns drill opening and insert wire or and to grove. Sometimes it is on sale without cross crossbeam. Sometimes with flat fine edge. The handle at it long. It is especially convenient to them to process onions and garlic from weeds.

7. Working as Fokin's subsurface cultivator on the long handle, it is necessary to use it correctly. It is necessary to stand directly, without being bent, having slightly inclined the body forward. To hold the subsurface cultivator not as shovel or mattock and as braid. Easy movements cut off top soil between ranks on 5 centimeters in depth. At the same time there is undercutting and cleaning of weeds and loosening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team