How to weld copper wires

How to weld copper wires

As experts consider, connection of wires by means of welding is the most effective and reliable way of connection. Such method at connection of wires with big section which, as we know, cannot almost be connected among themselves in any other way (soldering or twist) is especially relevant.

It is required to you

  • - welding machine;
  • - gumboil;
  • - construction knife;
  • - abrasive paper.


1. First of all, it would be desirable to note that connection of pro-reducing dies (wires) can happen to use of three types of welding – gas, contact or thermite. Each of them will provide high quality, and here what way to use in connection - to solve only to you.

2. Take wires which need to be fastened with welding method. Exempt their ends from isolation on 30-35 millimeters. Smooth out them to gloss. It is possible to make it, for example, abrasive paper.

3. Twist the ends of wires which are exempted from isolation and are smoothed out, and cover with gumboil (special means for welding). At the same time it is necessary to cover directly welding point (5-10 millimeters). Record by means of special clip twist in vertical position.

4. Press carbon electrode to the ends of wire. Know that under the influence of tension (9-12B) from the welding machine on the end the twist melts and some kind of ball which professionals call welded is formed.

5. If you make welding with participation of copper wire, then it is the in that case best of all to use the gas device. Take copper wire and smooth out on it the site in 50 millimeters. Twist it with aluminum which previously exempt from isolation and smooth out as it was stated above.

6. Begin welding. You remember, gas welding differs from contact only in source of heating and the device of coolers. The welding ended the procedure will be considered when on wires the characteristic metal ball is formed.

7. As for aluminothermic welding, here actions take place by means of special thermite cartridges which are small steel tube with continuous or longitudinal slot. At such welding method it is necessary to exempt wires from isolation, to smooth out their ends and to insert on one into thermite cartridge. After that the boss is set fire by special thermite match. When burning temperature up to 4000 degrees is formed, it leads to melting of metals and, respectively, welding of wires.

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