How to weld frame

How to weld frame

Automobile frame – load-carrying structure which can be subject to various deformations arising in use the vehicle. In some cases for debugging and defects it is necessary to weld frame.

It is required to you

  • - templates, rulers;
  • - hammer;
  • - scrap;
  • - electric drill;
  • - electric abrasive wheel;
  • - welding machine of alternating current;
  • - electrodes.


1. Determine distortion size, using special rulers and probes. It is defined as the difference of diagonals of frame. Tap connections by the hammer and check their reliability easy poshatyvaniye scrap. Examine longitudinal and crossbeams of frame regarding other damages and defects.

2. Clean the site around crack from rust – diameter is 30-40 mm. Tilt the ends of crack and drill them power drill. To chamfer, use electric abrasive wheel which is equipped with flexible shaft. It is also possible to package similar defects chisel though such way takes more time.

3. Begin to make cracks from the drilled place. Thickness of electrode should not exceed 80 percent of thickness of the component of frame. Strengthen zone of welding and directly seam peening (2-3 passes). It will prevent further distribution of defects on frame.

4. Impose pad on the prepared site and weld it. welding seam. The transverse weld on pads can cause secondary stress and to become the reason of malfunctions of frame.

5. Before starting reveting of connections of frame, bolt them. It is necessary not to break their arrangement. It is recommended to unrivet rivets in the cold way which is considered the most effective. Cold reveting completely fills cavity, irrespective of its size and form, providing the most dense adherence of structural components of frame.

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