How to weld gate

How to weld gate

The simplest gate can be made of profile pipe and professional leaf. On design it, certainly, will concede to the decorative gate decorated with shod ornament, but on operating ability and life cycle it will be quite comparable to it. Not to mention that costs of it will be minimum.

It is required to you

  • - C10-1150 professional flooring;
  • - profile pipe of 25х40 mm;
  • - profile pipe of 60х60 mm;
  • - welding machine;
  • - electric drill;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - canopies.


1. Cut off preparations for gate. From profile pipe of 25х40 mm (for gate framework): • pipe 182 cm long – 2 pieces; • pipe 80 cm long – 3 pieces. From profile pipe of 60х60 mm (for gate box): • pipe 260 cm long – 2 pieces; • pipe 81 cm long – 2 pieces. For facing of door prepare leaf of professional flooring the sizes of 85х200 cm.

2. Lay on the earth two boards not less than 2 m long so that they were in one horizontal plane. The distance between their centers has to be about about 80 cm. Boards will serve in quality of the equal basis on which welding of gate will be carried out.

3. Lay on preparation boards for framework of gate and weld frame from two longitudinal pipes (length of 182 cm) and three cross (length of 80 cm). The sizes of framework have to be 80х190 cm. The central lateral pipe has to be located in the middle of frame. When welding provide perpendicularity between longitudinal and lateral pipes.

4. Lay on perimeter of the welded preparation framework for gate box – from above cross-piece 81 cm long, from sides two racks 260 cm long, from below at distance of 10 cm from the lower pipe of framework the second cross-piece 81 cm long. That upper surfaces of all pipes were in one plane, enclose pieces of boards 35 mm thick under gate framework.

5. Establish between rack of box and frame of gate two canopies in close look at distance from top and bottom of gate of 30 cm on the right. Canopies have to be established so that the cloth of gate has turned out removable.

6. Provide the following gaps between box and framework of gate: from above – 0, at the left – 2-5 mm. The gap is defined by thickness of canopies on the right, it has to be a little (on 1-2 mm) more than thickness of canopies. Strictly record design in such situation, having pressed down it cargoes. Weld box pipes among themselves, weld canopies on rack and framework of gate.

7. Put leaf of professional flooring on gate frame. Expose it so that the blousing from above and at the left in relation to frame was about 5 cm. Cut in professional leaf two deepenings under canopies of 5-10 mm in depth on the right – so that the right plate edge was located on one line with inside face of rack (in this case the professional flooring will not prevent opening of gate).

8. Drill openings in leaf and framework of gate under installation of self-tapping screws. Attach leaf to framework. Define distance between fastenings, proceeding from personal requirements to reliability of design – it is possible to fix each wave of professional leaf, it is possible through one. Fastening of professional flooring to median crossing point of frame is necessary.

9. Remove gate from loops. Establish box in the required place of fence, having performed all works necessary for this purpose: drilling in the earth of openings, installation of box racks in them, filling of the base. Hang gate on loops, put on it lock or the lock, attach handles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team