How to whitewash ceiling the roller

How to whitewash ceiling the roller

Whitewashing of ceiling - one of the easiest, inexpensive and at the same time effective ways to update ceiling covering. Despite the mode which has arisen not so long ago on suspended, rack and tension designs, many still give preference to this old and checked method. Despite all simplicity of this process, in it there are subtleties which need to be considered before starting working.

It is required to you

  • - spray,
  • - sponge,
  • - paint roller,
  • - brush,
  • - palette,
  • - brush.


1. Clean ceiling surface. Remove old whitewashing. Moisten part of ceiling with warm water from spray. Wait until old whitewashing absorbs moisture. Remove it by means of the palette. Remove the whitewashing remains by means of wet sponge. If necessary process in addition resistant spots.

2. Process ceiling anti-fungal solution.

3. Putty ceiling. Putty is applied manually by means of the palette. Carefully level ceiling surface.

4. Cover ceiling with primer. In hard-to-reach spots primer is applied with brush. On all main surface - the roller. Let's primer dry out completely.

5. It is possible to bleach ceiling both cretaceous, and limy solutions. For preparation of cretaceous solution it is necessary to mix 3 kg of chalk, 60 g of laundry soap, 15 g of blue, 90 g of joiner's glue. For preparation of lime mortar lay out the crushed slaked lime in capacity and fill in with cold water in proportion 1:3. Add 50 g of table salt and carefully mix the turned-out weight. It is recommended to apply such whitewashing on the humidified ceiling surface.

6. Apply whitewashing on ceiling, by means of the roller. Let's whitewashing dry out, after that put one more layer. You watch that indoors with crude whitewashing there were no drafts. Also it is worth avoiding direct sunshine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team