How to wipe chewing gum from jeans

How to wipe chewing gum from jeans

The used chewing gum can be found on clothes after the trip in public transport or sit-round gathering on shop in the park. If you have spoiled jeans chewing gum, it is optional to run in dry-cleaner. It is possible to wipe it from jeans clothes in the house ways.

1. Remove with hands as it is possible the most part of chewing gum from jeans. On ironing board put several napkins or the sheet of simple white paper. From above put jeans so that the spot from the remains of chewing gum has appeared on paper. Heat the iron and iron fabric. All chewing gum will remain on napkins.

2. Use method of freezing if by means of the iron it was not succeeded to get rid of elastic band. Put jeans in plastic bag and thrust into the fridge freezing chamber for one-two hours. Chewing gum will freeze and will cease to last. Accurately knife or the razor clean off it from denim. Try not to tear unintentionally jeans. If there is no time to wait until chewing gum freezes in the freezer, take cube of ice and apply to spot on jeans. In several seconds try to remove chewing gum. Try not to tear unintentionally trousers.

3. Heat in bowl on steam bath vinegar. It has to be hot, but not to boil. Small brush, it is possible to use tooth, dip in vinegar and with circular motions wipe chewing gum from fabric. Continue to rub until all chewing gum is removed completely. You watch that vinegar was warm.

4. Drip a little funds for washing of ware for spot where there were small pieces of chewing gum. Rub sponge and wash away warm water. If necessary repeat several times. This way is good when the spot is fresher and chewing gum has not managed to get into fabric deeply yet.

5. After you remove chewing gum from trousers, on them there can be spot. Wet jeans in laundry detergent. Add stain remover for color fabrics. After soaking wash jeans with addition of your normal cleaning agent.

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