How to work with motor-cultivator

How to work with motor-cultivator

There are many types of cultivators, but all of them are called to process the soil. Therefore principles of work with these tools identical. Motor-cultivators plowing, earthing up, disking, etc. can perform different functions.


1. Motor-cultivators are intended for performance of work on soil cultivation. In spite of the fact that the equipment this simple, at misuse it pretty fast can fail. Therefore in work with it it is necessary to adhere to number of rules.

2. Motor-cultivators can be equipped with the removable equipment intended for performance of different operations. But their basic element – the sharp rotating mill. Therefore the tool this very dangerous and at non-compliance with safety measures can put serious injuries. The first what the owner of motor-cultivator, this absence of strangers and animals in the processed square has to take care of.

3. It is strictly forbidden to work with this tool of the being able alcoholic and drug intoxication, under the influence of various medicines which are slowing down mental and physical activity. To protect legs from possible traumatizing, it is recommended to put on boots with high tops. Before work it is necessary to study the instruction which is attached to the tool carefully.

4. Some owners of motor-cultivators for simplification of process of plowing or other soil cultivation, prefer to fix clutch lever to the tool handle. But it is extremely dangerous experiment as having slipped out hands, the motor-cultivator in full operation will crumble everything that will occur at it in the path. The owner can falter, distract, not hold the motor-block and as a result it and people around can sustain serious injuries. Therefore fixing of clutch lever one way or another – is inadmissible.

5. Before works with this equipment it is necessary to prepare the site: to collect all large stones, metal and wooden objects, wire, the glasses. Having got under the working mill, they can seriously injure the operator. Before starting motor-cultivator, it is necessary to check reliability of fastenings of all connections which are available to pulling up.

6. At first the equipment is installed at edge of that strip with which is decided to begin soil cultivation. After the engine is started, it needs to give time to get warm. Further, press the coupling handle, the unit begins advance, and the operator, holding the tool handle, goes after it.

7. During soil cultivation it is necessary to watch that glades were not formed: untouched place mill. Therefore it is the best of all to occupy the region of strip of already processed soil. It is possible to work with motor-cultivator in any direction: around, in zigzag fashion, in a straight line. Depth of plowing is regulated by means of the special lever.

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