How to write claim to housing and public utilities

How to write claim to housing and public utilities

Any discontent with services of representatives of housing and communal services can be expressed in writing. For this purpose it is necessary to give and vise the statement in the receiving organization serving your area.

It is required to you

  • - paper
  • - handle


1. Specify the organization to which you address in the right top corner surname, name, middle name of the chief (managing director) of this organization. Also specify the data: the address (with the indication of the apartment), you are the owner or the tenant (depends on privatization) housing, surname, name, middle name.

2. In the middle the heading, in this case, "Statement" follows.

3. From the new paragraph, capital letter the key part of the problem, claims is stated.

4. Under the text the number and the signature of the applicant surely is affixed, otherwise the document will be considered as invalid.

5. The application is written in duplicate. The first document after vising by the representative of the organization, you need to leave for consideration to the head (managing director) of the organization. The second, also vised, you retain. In case of refusal or ignorings of your statement, you safely can address to superior organizations, at the same time, do not forget to mention the fact that you already addressed to local housing and public utilities. Good luck!

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