How to write the application for the neighbor

How to write the application for the neighbor

If you are often got by neighbors, then you can take measures and write on them the application in law enforcement agencies. You need to call police squad in noisy night. They cannot refuse to you. If these measures do not help, then just write the mass petition on neighbors.

1. You need clean sheet of paper and the handle. In the right side of leaf it is necessary to write to whom the application is directed. Surely specify the area. The surname of the chief is not obligatory to be written at all, but it is desirable. After that specify from whom this application is directed. Write the surname, name and middle name. It is also recommended to specify and home address.

2. Make small space. In the middle of leaf write "application". On the next line in detail state all essence of your problem. It is desirable to specify all dates and illegal acts of neighbors. You should not miss small parts of the events. Surname, name and middle name of the neighbor also it has to be registered. Also specify home address of neighbors who intrude upon your leisure. If you already addressed to bodies, then surely mark it. Also write surname, name and middle name of the employee of police who took measures for the matter. In the smallest parts depict, than you are disturbed by neighbors. Describe what discomfort you constantly feel from their behavior. Do not forget to mention the family and children.

3. At the very bottom of leaf append the signature. It is also desirable to decipher it. Surely write number, month and year of writing of the application.

4. If you have decided to write the application from group of neighbors, then in the beginning specify data of all members which separate your point of view. Further in detail describe all problems related to unfair neighbors. At the very end of the statement it is necessary to specify data of each person.

5. Each injured neighbor can write the application individually. As a result all of them will be considered as one collective application. After consideration of the complaint the law enforcement agencies will take necessary measures in relation to your neighbors. In punishment the administrative penalty or administrative detention can follow.

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