How to write the complaint to housing and public utilities

How to write the complaint to housing and public utilities

Practically each citizen living in multifamily house faced the unfair relation from management companies. With such course of events it is not possible to be reconciled simply, it is necessary to fight. What should I do? Whom to ask for the help?


1. Choose the correct address for the complaint to housing and public utilities. Having appealed to the prosecutor's office, probability that the problem which disturbs, will be solved, and guilty persons are punished, will make 80% than if just to attract media.

2. Write complaints in duplicate. It is necessary to write briefly and without the slightest actual mistakes. There is no certain cliche of complaints, but there is certain order of registration. In the right top corner write details of the organization and it is desirable the head's initials, initials and the address of the author of the complaint follow further. In the center write document titles, the complaint or claim. Further state specific key part of the problem, surely having specified the requirements. It is desirable be guided by the existing laws and normative legal acts.

3. You retain the first copy, you send the second the registered mail with the notice by mail. Or if you have free time - personally register your appeal to management company. And have to stand on your copy: date and the entering number of the address, the organization headquarters, initials and position of the person which has accepted your address.

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