How to zone the bedroom

How to zone the bedroom

When the apartment space not too big, and is more than necessary zones than rooms – that should be done of one room two by means of zoning. This idea allows to combine in one room, for example, the bedroom and office, or the living room and kitchen.


1. There are several options of zoning of space. The simplest and not expensive is division of the room by means of curtains. Such option will always look is fresh and is relevant. Especially as to pick up color gamma and the invoice it is possible with ease. It will recover interior and will give the chance for flight of your imagination, curtains can be made sliding, if necessary to open them and to do the room integrated or, on the contrary, for privacy to close them. Such option can be issued as canopy near sleeping zone – bed. It it is possible to fix on special props, or directly in niche or as option previously on the prepared partitions. Curtains can be made in the form of screen, then they will be separate and to fix them there is no need and in case it is required, such option easily cleans up. Options with curtains can be various, in the form of organza – transparent, or dense – as flax, they can be made double-sided – so even more visually to allocate zones.

2. The second option – division by means of plasterboard designs. It can be niches, shelves, consoles. Such zoning is thought over at repair stage. It is convenient that all designs are functional, it is possible to store things in them, such zones look very fashionably and relevant. The only minus is that plasterboard designs cannot be removed if necessary to unite quickly zones, such option will remain invariable before the following repair.

3. There is simple option of visual zoning by means of color. It can achieve, having separated zones different color accents. It can be wall-paper, carpet, curtains, or lamps. As addition to such option can be made podium. For this purpose by means of plasterboard design the berth rises - the allocated separate zone will turn out.

4. One more option of division of zones in the room – furniture. The cabinet, curbstones or even sofa put in the middle of the room can become border between Smolny zone and office platinic. Such zoning can be made and irrespective of repair is positive side.

5. It should be noted that any of options of zoning are very easily combined. And, above all that it is possible to use the ideas of designers, or to embody the most unusual imaginations, having made the bedroom unique, and multipurpose. In such room it will be comfortable also to you and guests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team