How visually to expand corridor

How visually to expand corridor

Many apartments cannot brag of big spacious corridors. And the abundance of cabinets, padded stools and pier glass conceals space even more. Of course, it is possible to start re-planning of the apartment, to destroy walls and to make the hall big. But it is necessary to get special permission and demolition of walls in itself for it it is very difficult. Therefore it is better to expand space visually.

It is required to you

  • - light wall-paper;
  • - light paint;
  • - built-in furniture or transforming furniture;
  • - mirror;
  • - picture or photowall-paper;
  • - dot lamps;
  • - sliding doors;
  • - bright bulbs.


1. Pick up new wall-paper for corridor. They have to be light, glossy and without the large repeating patterns. It is possible to pick up monophonic options. This simple decision will help to change the corridor size visually at once. Do not establish hinged ceiling, it skradt the room size. Better it just to paint or paste on it monophonic white wall-paper. On ceiling there should not be stucco molding or steps.

2. Do not put in corridor of cabinets and pier glass, because of them the room size visually decreases. If there was such need, put low and rather narrow furniture, it is desirable light color. It is possible to pick up the built-in furniture which will take very few place, or to make simple niche for clothes objects. If you are going to put in corridor and other furniture, then choose the transformed objects which perform several functions and practically do not take the place.

3. Make one of walls mirror. And on the second hang up picture or photowall-paper. It will create feeling of big space. If you have no opportunity to make the whole wall mirror, then hang up at least small mirror.

4. Refuse plinths on floor, they too visually reduce the room size. Make joint of wall and floor equal. Appear from normal doors, put sliding, it is desirable from transparent glass. They will help to expand really and visually corridor.

5. The room has to be surely well lit. Refuse big and massive chandeliers. In interior of corridor it is better to use the dot lamps which are built in ceiling. They have to be on all surface. Do not forget that bulbs it is necessary to put rather bright.

6. In corridor there should not be foreign objects. Remove padded stools, chairs, bicycles, suitcases and other objects which often put at the entrance to the apartment as soon as possible. Things have to lie (to stand) on the places. In corridor they will only conceal space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team