How visually to increase space in the small apartment

How visually to increase space in the small apartment

You should not despair if you are the owner of the small apartment. By means of simple councils it is possible to increase easily visually space in any apartment. Having used some receptions, you turn the small apartment into cozy and modern nest.


1. Refuse dark and cold color gamma. It is recommended to use light shades of wall-paper, curtains and furniture since the room is lighter, the it is more spacious it seems.

2. Use light shades when mounting floor. Perfectly visually the floor covered with light tile, parquet on diagonal, laminate and carpet increases room space.

3. In small apartments it is recommended to refuse columns, arches and various borders. And will help to expand space – big mirrors. The mirror can be hung up opposite to windows or picture.

4. Do not use heavy and dark curtains in small rooms, replace them with blinds of light shades or on easy and gentle tulle better.

5. At registration of ceiling it is necessary to remember that the ceiling has to be two tones lighter than walls, it visually does it higher in small apartments.

6. It is necessary to refuse small and motley objects in interior of the small apartment, add only a few the distracting objects, for example, put yellow pillows on sofa, hang up big picture or hours over sofa.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team