How visually to increase the room

How visually to increase the room

Not always our dwelling is so spacious, kind of we wanted. Therefore to broaden visually the room, it is possible to use several cunnings.


1. That the room seemed more, it is necessary to use in its registration light tone. It can be light gray, light blue, cream, beige shades, white light. It is not necessary to use wall-paper with large drawing – visually it will reduce space. Also try to avoid contrast tones. It is the best of all to adhere to one gamma for floor, walls, room ceiling, and pick up furniture in tone to finishing of the room.

2. Use in interior low furniture – beds, padded stools, dressing tables. Try to leave the center of the room free, placing furniture on corners and along walls. Try not to litter the room, remove all excess and small things.

3. Light is necessary for visual increase in the room. Therefore on windows hang up transparent curtains, and at deficiency of sunlight do not hesitate to resort to artificial lighting. It is possible to make in the room several luminous sources, including the hidden illumination.

4. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces. Mirrors reflect light, and than it is more than light, especially spacious the room seems. It is also possible to buy furniture from transparent glass. For example, glass coffee or dining table. Passing light, such table will promote effect of open space.

5. Stand bright, bright subject in far corner from entrance. In this case, entering the room, the subject will draw attention, and the distance to it will increase visually prospect.

6. Refuse whenever possible big objects. Large objects in the small room narrow it, giving to the room smaller look, than is actually. Pick up furniture so that each subject had not one function, but two and more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team