How visually to increase the small apartment

How visually to increase the small apartment

In the small-sized apartment you will not clear up. Each thing takes the place and does not stand new lodgers. How to be if there is a wish to expand space and to add new things?

Reduce space

The mezzanines which are built in walls in corridor eat your ceiling. Most often they serve for storage of unnecessary things. Throw out all excess stuff, eliminate mezzanines and begin to live under new high ceiling.

The big trailing chandelier, stucco molding or panels on ceiling eat scope in the apartment. Crystal chandeliers on long chains, stucco molding and other rich decor are good only for high ceilings and large rooms. In the tiny apartment they will look podavlyayushche and to emphasize how it is not enough at you the place.

Carpets in all wall not only do not decorate situation, but also reduce the room. If one your wall is busy with red or dark burgundy cloth, then it absorbs light in already small room.

"Royal" wall-paper with large damaska, curtains with big flowers, huge sofas. Large things and drawings decorate the room, only if it is big. In malometrazhka the pattern is admissible, but small.

Heavy bulky dressers or curbstones. They take a lot of place and create heavy feeling in interior. Dark furniture like the Romanian walls of malofunktsionaln, but collects dust and occupies room good few. Leave it.

Dark colors of situation: black, chocolate, dark gray, violet narrow space and do it pressing.

Increase volume

Stretch ceilings. Choose not glossy, but opaque. They will level any surface and will make it infinite.

Flat lamp. With it the ceiling seems above. Have not got used to such lighting - add it with track system with rotary lamps on room perimeter.

Pastel colors: powdery, gentle-pink, blue and caramel in wall-paper, parts of interior will make the room weightless and wide.

Doors with glass inserts. Do you want light? Start up it in the house, having hung up lightproof doors with abundance of inserts from glass.

The fitted cupboards and furniture on rollers which at any time can be moved do space mobile. And the cabinet in tone of walls height from floor to ceiling will look as part of wall.

Light furniture with thin legs, with inserts from glass - excellent alternative to dimensional wooden tables and heavy curbstones.

Padded stools with folding top and the place for storage will replace dresser and will become chests for trifles.

Vacuum packages of valves for pumping out of air will help to place even the biggest clothes in small cabinet.

Mirrors. The models imitating windows even in narrow dark corridor will create feeling of spaciousness and exit to the big world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team