Humus as fertilizer

Humus as fertilizer

During springtime the gardeners and gardeners begin to fertilize and improve structure of the earth on the sites. Humus is natural fertilizer for garden and kitchen garden. It can be prepared independently. It will save money and time for search of good humus.


1. Humus is the most valuable organic fertilizer. After final decomposition of manure receive manure humus, decomposition of leaves – sheet, tops of vegetable, grass – vegetable. It is considered the most useful manure which is added to mineral fertilizers and apply as complex fertilizer.

2. Humus contains many elements necessary for growth of plants. As a result of its use, physical characteristics of the soil improve and its nutritiousness increases. Finally decayed manure is added under cultures on 5 kg on 1 square meter. For achievement of bigger efficiency, it is also brought in poles when landing korneklubneplod

3. Sheet humus positively influences structure of cover of the soil, suits sour soils more. The natural properties which are favorably affecting quality of the soil for all year belong to its main advantages. Sheet humus is very much loved by the earthworms loosening the earth.

4. When manure is stored in the stamped stacks, it decays slowly, but organic matters loses less. Therefore it is better to prepare humus as follows. The brought manure is stamped in stack, covered with earth or peat (10 cm), is covered with polyethylene film. It is possible to cover manure with the weeded weeds.

5. Other way of receiving humus is to shift manure weeds. Further aerobic process of decomposition proceeds, the stack is condensed and the remained time (7-8 months) goes anaerobic process.

6. Apply combined method to preparation of humus. Fresh manure is stacked, without stamping, and in 3–5 days the layers condense. When the stack reaches 1.5-2 m, it is filled up with peat, grass, leaves (centimeters at 20-30), it is possible to prevent drying, watering with dung water. Humus can be used in 5 months.

7. Sheet humus is received from damp leaves. Leaves are remarkable raw materials for obtaining the structure improving the soil, humus. Quickly it is rather simple to prepare it. It is necessary to create favorable conditions for decomposition of greens and its transformation into humus. For this purpose fungal cultures need humid environment at almost total absence of oxygen. Crude foliage is stamped in special compost bags, they are tied and left in site corner. There will be sheet humus in the summer, it is trenched in under plants. It promotes moisture detention.

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