Hydrolat: what is it, how to use, properties

Hydrolat: what is it, how to use, properties

Such concept as hydrolat is familiar to many ladies who are carefully watching the exterior and interested in developments in the field of cosmetology. This product first of all belongs to the world of beauty and health and differs in the natural naturalness.

What is hydrolat

The hydrolat or flower water is by-product which is formed at distillation of flower and vegetable raw materials in the course of production of it essential oil. This substance contains useful qualities of essential oils, but in smaller concentration.

Flower waters are the natural products which are not containing spirit and synthetic additives in the structure.

Number of producers position hydroarmour as poorly concentrated solutions of essential oils. Some manufacturers connect essential oils to specially purified water, and give the received structure for high-quality hydroarmour. Actually it is not absolutely right, such mixes have no qualities of the medicine received by distillation. They contain few useful substances and have weak efficiency of influence.

How to use hydroarmour

The main application of hydrolats is cosmetology. Vitamins, acids, bioflavonoids and also limited quantity of air are part of hydrolats. What is remarkable, there are no salts, tannins, bitterness, dyes and other "ballast" in hydroarmour. Thanks to what the product affects organism easier, than oil, and quite seldom causes allergies.

Hydroarmour can be used for drawing on skin or to apply as aromatherapy in the form of additive to bathtubs. Flower waters well humidify, tone up and calm skin. For positive effect it is enough to spray several times a day of them on the person. Still hydroarmour can be applied as means to makeup removal.

And strong on the action distinguish pink, lavender and camomile flower water from the most popular.

The hydrolat of rose has the moistening, bactericidal and calming properties. It is suitable for any type of skin: delicately looks after, saturates it with moisture, smoothes small wrinkles, healthy color gives to the face, strengthens capillaries and normalizes blood-groove in integument.

In cosmetology of hydroarmour of rose it is often used in anti-aging medical programs. Also pink water is recommended as excellent care means behind hair.

The hydrolat of lavender is actively applied at treatment of skin pathologies: small tortoiseshells, dermatitis, burns, eczema.

At regular use, lavender water helps to improve condition of hair and to get rid of dandruff.

Except cosmetology application the hydroarmour also uses in the medical purposes. For example, fenkhelevy and dill waters promote digestion improvement.

How to choose qualitative hydrolat

First of all it is necessary to read structure of product attentively. The natural hydrolat should not contain alcohol, dyes, stabilizers and other chemical additives.

Ideally for production of good hydrolat deep-well or spring water has to be used.

The hydrolat looks as transparent liquid without color and impurity with the aroma corresponding to smell of essential oil of grass or flower from which it is received. Some hydroarmour smells more brightly and is expressed (lavender, rose), others – less (linden).

It is better to buy hydroarmour in specialized shops, choosing goods of the checked brands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team