Iksiya: landing and care in the open ground

Iksiya: landing and care in the open ground

The tropical blossoming Iksiya's plant can grow in any climate at the correct landing to the open ground and due leaving. The agrotechnology of work with plant is not difficult, does not demand availability of special knowledge and experience, it is enough to follow several simple rules to achieve its abundant blossoming.

Iksiya (ixia) – tuber - bulbous plant from 15 to 70 cm high, with thin stalk and inflorescence in the form of ear with set of buds, linear xiphoidal leaves. The size of flowers of Iksiya can reach 5 cm. On one ear it is formed to ten buds from 6 lobes. Color of lobes of flower can be pink, yellow, white or red, and to the center of bud it becomes deeper and saturated, than at the edges.

Iksiya's landing to the open ground

Time of disembarkation of tubers (bulbs) of Iksiya to the open ground depends on climatic features of zone. It is necessary to consider that saplings will freeze even in the soil if air temperature falls to - 1-2C. In warm regions the "well rested" planting stock can be landed to the open ground and in the fall, and here in averages and northern latitudes it has to "winter" in the cool dark dry place where there are no minus indicators of air temperature.

When planting bulbs of Iksiya it is necessary to follow several simple rules:

  • the site has to be fresh dug up with compost,
  • add sand at the rate of 1*1 to heavy soil,
  • use only qualitative tubers without traces of rotting and mold,
  • Iksiya's bulbs place in holes no more than 8 cm in depth,
  • the distance between them has to be not less than 8 and no more than 12 cm,
  • to the first few days site with saplings do not water,
  • carry at once out its mulching by organic chemistry.

Soil temperature on the site where Iksiya will be landed, has to be not less 15C. If tubers of plant land in the fall, then depth of hole has to be 10-12 cm.

Care for Iksiya growing in the open ground

Basic care for Iksiya, at cultivation in the open ground, consists in timely watering and fertilizing. It is important to water correctly plant – do it by water of room temperature, it is abundant on radical circle and is careful according to leaf, for moistening of stalk. At each stage of growth and Iksiya's development follow certain "tactics" of watering:

  • in the first two weeks after disembarkation the plant is not watered in general,
  • after emergence of sprout carry out weak watering, only for soil moistening,
  • during setting of inflorescences and blossoming – regular, but weak watering,
  • during heat, at 26 ⁰ With and more – "shower", watering according to leaf,
  • after the end of blossoming Iksiya is not watered.

Each two weeks accurately loosen the site with Iksiya to open access of oxygen to the root system of plants. Fertilizing is carried out during vegetation by the structures acquired in specialized shops. It is possible to prepare fertilizing and independently from chicken dung – half-bucket of material it is filled in with water up to 10 l and 2 weeks infuse. The half of liter of such concentrate is added to pure bucket and this solution feed up Iksiya.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team