Important rules of crops of siderat

Important rules of crops of siderat

Harvest - ultimate goal for any gardener. But often in pursuit of big crop we excessively saturate the soil with mineral fertilizers, and constant landings of vegetable cultures exhaust its fertility at all. In this case crops of siderat or green fertilizers become the good decision. Whether but everything is so simple?

Despite simplicity of crops of sideratny cultures, it is worth meaning such moments:

  • Everyone siderat has the positive and negative properties. So, crops of mustard, colza, olive radish after cruciferae family (cabbage, garden radish, radish, etc.) bear in themselves danger of transfer of the diseases to the soil. All these sideratny cultures from one family of cruciferae family. Besides, long cultivation of these siderat oversaturates the soil phosphorus and sulfur, and their surplus complicates assimilation by plants of other elemet of power supply.
  • Choosing siderata, it is necessary to know for sure what end result will be from crops. So to grow up 

lupine, clover, to Vick, sachevichnik and bean (soy, lentil, chick-pea, peas, haricot) it will be useful for completion of nitrogen in the soil. And such cultures as buckwheat or rye, give to the earth a lot of potassium. The benefit will be brought by mustard and other cruciferae family. After cultivation of cabbage, onions, cucumbers the crops of lupine, Wicky, fatseliya will be useful.

  • Sowing siderata for mulch or compost, cultivation of olive radish will become the most effective and quickly yielding result. The rye, fatseliya well loosen the heavy soil and suppress growth of weeds.
  • It is not necessary to be fond of crops of one siderat. It is better to alternate them, not to allow the earth to be empty and grow with weeds, to use each free piece of the earth during the whole season, since April. For one season it is possible to grow up several generations of various siderat on the empty site, as a result the soil will quickly restore fertility, will become rykhly that will increase productivity many times.
  • Carrying out crops of siderat to dry weather, it is necessary to take care of waterings.
  • It is impossible to allow the moment of development of siderat and obsemeneniye. Otherwise they from green fertilizers can turn into importunate weeds. The best stage when it is necessary to start their seal to the soil - before blossoming. At this moment of siderata are rich with all useful substances and quickly decay in the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team