In what difference between vinyl paint and acrylic

In what difference between vinyl paint and acrylic

When it is necessary to update type of facade walls of owner-occupied dwelling, it is necessary to make the choice between several masonry paints, in particular, between vinyl and acrylic. In what difference between two of these types of paints?

Except finishing of walls indoors, external walls of owner-occupied dwelling also require care and creation of esthetic look. Painting of facade walls will provide them appropriate protection and attractive look for a long time. The majority of paints for facade are on sale ready for use, the buyer will need only to choose color and type: vinyl or acrylic.

Vinyl emulsion and its features

A few years ago vinyl paint was more popular. On the consistence it reminds water emulsion and belongs to the dispersive, that is dissolved in water types. Such paint is enough vlagoyemk and at the same time perfectly shows resistance to water vapor.

Minus of vinyl means is not too high resistance to chemicals which contain in air and rain water. For this reason they are also not too resistant to formation of fungus, mold or to mechanical damages. Rather big shrinkage of vinyl emulsion does not allow to use it for updating of already put layer, otherwise the wall surface can peel off.

Types and characteristics of acrylic emulsion

Today acrylic paint instead of vinyl is very often used that allows to draw conclusion that this type has completely substituted previous. Walls of facades of buildings can be covered with any of shades of very different color gamma. Such emulsion, as well as vinyl, is dispersive. It protects walls from fast pollution as has low ability to moisture absorption. Vapor permeability of masonry acrylic paint also not too high. The main component of such paints is acrylic resin, they are suitable for drawing on organic and mineral bases. There are also acrylic and silicone front, latex acrylic means and substances on the basis of organic solvent which are applied to coloring of old facades of buildings. The main difference of vinyl paint from acrylic is that the second has bigger resistance to influence of the external environment, is issued in several types and is suitable even for coloring of old facade walls which have been already painted. The first look will approach in case you do renovation and live in rather arid climate.

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