In what merits and demerits of houses from sandwich panels

In what merits and demerits of houses from sandwich panels

Many dream of own house, but are forced to refuse construction because of high cost of materials and construction jobs. The most available option at the price for the majority is construction of the house from sandwich panels. Such house can be built very quickly during any season.

The houses built from sandwich panels have number of advantages.

1. Speed of construction of construction. The box of your future house can be mounted in 1-2 weeks. Construction can happen during any season since material has no restriction on temperature. Walls turn out rather thin, at the expense of it it is possible to increase the area of premises.

2. Good thermal insulation. Because the most part of the panel is made by heater, the room quickly enough gets warm and keeps heat.

After the box of the house is built, practically at once it is possible to start finishing outside and inside. It is connected with the fact that panels are not deformed and do not take seat.

3. Sound insulation. Besides heat-insulating properties, sandwich panel possess excellent sound insulation.

4. Low cost. The main plus is cost sandwich panels, they differ in the low cost. Creation of the house from sandwich panels does not require the strengthened base.

As well as any construction material, sandwich panel possess also number of shortcomings.

1. Life cycle. Construction life cycle no more than 30 years, at the same time everything depends on weather conditions.

2. Not environmental friendliness of construction. In plates pitch and many other additives, heater – synthetic material is used as interlink.

3. Tightness. To create optimal conditions of accommodation, it is necessary to equip vent system.

4. Fast inflammability of material. The type of heating system suitable for such houses, – air. If to establish usual to all radiators, then due to tightness of the building the fungus and mold in panels can be formed.

5. At sale of the house from sandwich panels it are evaluated cheaper, than brick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team