In what proportion to dissolve cement

In what proportion to dissolve cement

Can independently prepare cement slurry everyone, but in order that future construction was really rugged and durable, it is necessary to observe exact proportions for mix preparation.


1. The amount of sand and cement in concrete solution depends on where it will be applied subsequently. Different types of repair construction jobs demand the different fortress of concrete. It is also necessary to consider humidity of the environment in which solution should be operated cement sand. Depending on these factors and taking into account way of mixing (manual or by means of the concrete mixer) the cement grade, the corresponding filler and proportion of structure is selected.

2. Cement slurries are divided into two categories – simple and mixed. The most exact data on how competently to dissolve cement, can be received from reference books. Each grade of cement has the quality characteristics which determine the hardness of concrete after its final skhvatyvaniye.

3. Solution for plastering of walls or brickwork is prepared from mix of cement and sand in proportion 1 for 2. If cement of the high brand and very high quality, it is admissible to use 1 part of cement and 3 parts of sand. Water gradually is added to the received mix and kneaded to homogeneous mass. In the absence of the concrete mixer use the perforator with nozzle or normal shovel.

4. Filling of the base or performance of cement screed of floor demand presence of filler at solution. Usually its role carries out crushed stone. For receiving really qualitative basis 1 part of cement mixes up with 2 parts of sand and 2 parts of crushed stone. In some cases the amount of crushed stone can be increased. For increase in durability add the special softeners which are available on sale in shops of construction materials to solution.

5. It is possible to receive really qualitative cement slurry following some rules. Sand for preparation of mix has to be absolutely clean, not contain undesirable impurity and garbage. It is desirable to buy cement the high brand, it will promote preparation of quality solution, but will not lead to excess expenses: good cement can be added smaller quantity.

6. It is necessary to consider that during the work with cement slurry there are restrictions of temperature condition of the surrounding atmosphere. Low air temperature is unacceptable for concrete setting process. It should not fall lower than-10 degree centigrades, and it is undesirable to carry out brickwork at negative temperature.

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