Inexpensive country houses: choice problems

Inexpensive country houses: choice problems

Country house - the structure of special type. There is a wish that it was beautiful, convenient and cozy, but at the same time cost not so much. It not capital construction. Modern designers in turn offer owners of seasonal dachas several different budgetary options of lodges from which to choose suitable quite easily.

Construction of country house takes a lot of time, forces and, naturally, money. However such projects which are designed to simplify considerably process of construction of giving in all three parameters are created today. The main thing is to choose the construction option suitable you.

Types of country constructions

Houses which are built for summer pastime can be separated into different types. Everything depends on way of construction and materials. So, for example, one of options popular today is frame construction. In this case for a start the framework is mounted and established. It can be both wooden, and metal. Then panels between which waterproofing material is laid are installed. The internal covering of lodge is made from different materials - laminated chipboard, plywood, eurolining, etc. As option, it is possible to order ecologically safe materials of other character for finishing. Will cost However, they are more expensive. But the result will justify itself.

Experts assure that despite the seeming simplicity and subtlety of design, materials have the high heatpreserving properties. And it means that you will be able quickly and easily to warm country house even in the winter.

Plus frame construction is that houses are built quickly as the designer, have mobility, i.e. they can be moved on the site (if desired) and even to transport on other place, at the same time remain rather spacious and cozy. On average in the territory of such house a little (to the 3rd) living rooms, the bathroom, the hall and the place for storage of garden stock easily are placed. Besides, in such house it is easily possible to carry out all necessary electrodistributing, to put qualitative windows and doors and also to lay reliable and good roof. As a result the lodge becomes accurate and ready to accommodation for 100%. The frame building both on pile, and on blocks or the capital ready base is mounted. Such lodges belong to the category of economy class, but it does not mean that they are low-quality. Just certain assembly technology allows to reduce considerably expenses - as physically, and financial. Houses from bar - one more great option for country construction. The best option - the house from bar with the ventilated facade. Such house turns out very warm. It is connected with the fact that when building the external warming of walls is made. Ventilation of facade allows to protect walls from precipitation, ultraviolet and temperature drops owing to change of seasons. Besides, such technology allows to build the house which in terms of ecological security is ideal - walls breathe, the microclimate is adjusted.

The ventilated facade is created quite simply: between heater which has to be covered outside by wind-shelter material, for example, membrane and the aired gap remains external covering.

Ready houses one more type of housing suitable for giving. They are easy, comfortable, are easily mounted. And cost not much. It is connected with the fact that build them of the budgetary materials, but not whole tree.

Interior finish

Interior finish is what in addition demands money. It is a little simple to put country house, it is necessary to improve still it and from within. Chipboards, wall-paper, lime, putty, etc. can act as finishing materials. Choose that option which is pleasant to you more. The main thing to remember that the country house is subjected to serious tests - both atmospheric precipitation, and temperature drops, and many other things. As a result, it is necessary to choose those options which well would cope also with such tasks as opposition and maintaining the exterior in any conditions.

Electricity and plumbing

If you want to spend time at the dacha with comfort, it is necessary to take care of the organization of simple domestic needs. So, for example, if you have no light, then there will be no opportunity to put the fridge. And it means that you will not be able fully to prepare as very few products are capable to be stored without fridge. If you have no septic tank, means it is necessary to go to toilet in the old manner. Today the organization of electricity and the sewerage is carried out rather simply. Once you pay services in carrying out important highways to your site, and all - the problem is solved. The cost of such services not especially budgetary - everything together can leave about 200,000 rubles. But the result is worth it. In the house it is necessary to provide even at the time of construction opportunity for laying of electrical wires and sewage pipes. It is the for this purpose best of all to call professionals who will precisely calculate everything and will make most correctly and well.

How many occupies construction of country house

On average, construction of country house takes from several days to 2-3 weeks. Depends from type of the house, materials from which it is built, and many other factors. Base bid fluctuates within 500 - 700 thousand rubles. In case with acquisition of ready houses the pricing depends on the policy of the company.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team