Intarsia - ancient art of mosaic on tree

Intarsia - ancient art of mosaic on tree

Have learned to inlay tree with tree in Ancient Egypt. From there this art form has extended further, having reached blossoming in Rome and Greece. This type of decorative registration of products from tree demands patience and painstaking. As a result the refined ornament from different tree of woods turns out.

Intarsia - one of types of incrustation. It means decoration of wooden surface wooden parts, but other texture and tone. It is called still mosaic on tree. Carefully adjusted tabs create surprisingly filigree pattern on surface of products. And it depends only on skill of the expert. Refined and the intarsionny masterpieces executed not only from valuable breeds of tree, but also from normal can look refined.

Homeland of intarsia - Ancient Egypt. As the cause of this art form at Egyptians the deficiency of wood has served. This valuable material imported from other countries became worth its weight in gold. From here and high cost of the objects decorated with intarsia. By means of this equipment decorated sarcophagi from cedar and cypress. As tabs box, cornel and maple plates were applied.

Box, it axle boxes - evergreen tree with very heavy and hardwood. Grows in the territory of Small and medium Asia, in the Crimea, in the Caucasus.

At first in the equipment vegetable ornaments prevailed. Then they began to become complicated introduction of figures of people and animals. In consequence in intarsionny pictures it was possible to see prospect of streets and cities, sketches from everyday life. The skill of artists grew - ornaments became complicated. Blossoming of intarsia is the share of Renaissance. The most difficult ornamental forms decorated wooden surfaces of furniture and walls of that time. The masters creating such masterpieces worked for months, adjusting the thinnest precious plates.

In the middle of the 15th age of 80 workshops in Florence worked on works of intarsionny art.

Equipment of intarsia quite difficult. It means ideal adjustment of wooden plates which create ornament on edge. The face side of parts is polished to faultless state, and lower has to remain rough. It allows to provide the maximum coupling with surface. The adjusted parts stick together and put in dredging on wooden surface which needs to be decorated. Its thickness has to correspond to thickness of the put set. It is possible to decorate with incrustations of this kind houses, utensils, household goods. By means of the equipment of intarsia the whole pictures are created.

The products decorated by means of the intarsia equipment - fine gift. They I can make any interior refined and distinguished. Ordering such product, it is possible to tell with confidence that the gift will be unique.

The feature of intarsia is that as background of tarsia serves wood with all its complexity and versatility of texture. As there are no two identical copies of flora in the nature, so there are no similar wood cuts. Everyone possesses unique ornament. The background does not concede to finishing on beauty and refinement. It allows to create unique pictures on the truth.

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