Interior design of the living room with fireplace

Interior design of the living room with fireplace

Today the fireplace has lost the value is paramount – to warm the room and the person in cold, wet and inclement weather. But, nevertheless, has not lost the popularity and demand. The living room in which there is the real fireplace - "home" will always look more comfortably, romantically and elegantly.

Fireplaces in interior – the basic principles of the choice

To establish at home fireplace, you should solve several important problems. First, to consider what type of fireplace to choose. It can be the real fireplace with flue, fire chamber and pallet for ashes. Or convenient and modern, but not such cozy and patriarchal, fireplace on gas, solid fuel or biofuel. And there can be you stop the choice on the stylized imitation of fireplace where big fire will be replaced by several normal economic candles.

It is necessary to understand that biofireplaces, for example, are not designed to heat the room, and serve only as decorative element of interior. What it is impossible to tell about gas fireplaces which quite can warm more room. Besides, the living room with any fireplace has to have excellent ventilation and provetrivayemost.

Fireplaces with the present flues are suitable only for owner-occupied dwellings with room space not less than 25 sq.m. And for the apartment you should stop the choice on gas, electro or bio option.

Secondly, it is important to define the place for fireplace in advance. It should not be on pass, about it has to be rather free space. In principle, at fireplace you will gather family in the evenings. And the third moment – interior design of the living room. The fireplace has to become the integral element of the general design which is organically fitting into specific situation. Therefore the style of the living room and style of fireplace have to be in strict compliance. There are directions which cannot just be provided without fireplace - the English style and chalet.

You should not place modern fireplace in the living room under classics or in rural style. As well as in the living room hi-tech or minimalism will ridiculously look semi-antique fireplace.

Versions of projects of interiors of the living room with fireplace

Most often it is possible to meet traditional option of the living room with fireplace, close to classic or rural style. Here under all design the whole wall or big ledge on the wall plane is taken away. The fireplace is framed with porticoes or columns from artificial or natural marble (if it is classics) or other decor, for example, stone or brickwork (if in interior the rural style, country dominates). Over fireplace the wide or narrow horizontal plane can be located. On it various accessories (desk lamp, vase, figurines) or household appliances are usually put (musical cent, TV and so forth). Opposite to fireplace have recreation area: as a rule, it is coffee table and on each side chairs or sofas. Completely different approach to fireplace and the general design of the living room it is possible to see hi-tech and minimalism in styles. First is use of the most ultramodern options of electrofireplaces with the most unusual arrangement in space. These are fireplaces as parts of wall partition where fire is put into monolithic rectangles from fire-resistant glass, suspended fireplaces, fireplaces of the most unexpected forms in the form of chairs, lamps, wall pictures and so forth. And all this against the background of the clean smooth planes, lack of decor and minimum of furniture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team