Interior of the children's room

Interior of the children's room

With the child's birth before parents there is question of arrangement of its personal room. Yet it small, in it is not present need, but with approach of the age of reason (by 3rd years), it is recommended to provide personal space that he could spend time in the pleasure for the child. According to children's psychologists, the separate room contributes to formation of independence and the harmonious development in general.

Developing interior of the children's room, nelya to forget that needs of the child will change with age. For many years the child will both play and to study in one place. Therefore it is reasonable to separate the nursery into two zones: for entertainments and for dream. When the child goes to school, need for educational zone with desk, comfortable and functional shelves for textbooks at once will appear.

As for color gamma, it is recommended to be selected taking into account temperament of the child. It is better for vigorous and quick-tempered choleric person and mobile impulsive sanguine person to choose the calming colors; to the vulnerable and timid melancholiac – bright, solar colors, and to the quiet and sluggish phlegmatic person – the colors exciting nervous system.

So far the child still small, he perceives the world around, being guided by emotions and feelings. It means that the room at it will be associated with the childhood. And what associations will be – it already depends adults. Too light spacious room with white walls is similar to hospital chamber, and dark, trimmed in gloomy tones – on den of some villain.

As at children the design taste was not developed yet, the room arranged taking into account the child's wishes will dazzle with animation subject. And it is correct. To the child it is not important, how much is bed or cabinet, it is much more important that furniture was cheerful. Ideally the child himself has to choose the furniture which was pleasant to him.

The children's room on that and the nursery that it has been arranged taking into account the child's wishes even if from the design point of view some things are not in harmony. Everything that is required from us - it is ensuring safety, comfort and environmental friendliness of the room.

All furniture which arranges the room for the child has to be from natural wood materials, without sharp angles, i.e. is completely adapted for children's age: if it is bed – transforming bed if dresser – boxes have to be within reach.

There is a lot of subjects for interior of the children's room and what to choose – matter of taste and opportunities. Having consulted to the child and having considered his preferences, place emphasis on psychological comfort of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team