Japanese curtain as partition

Japanese curtain as partition

The Japanese curtain – convenient design for zoning of space of premises. It allows to change the image of the room according to requirements to its style and design. Fabric panels of the Japanese curtains can form both dense, and light partition. But any of them can be removed without effort.

It is required to you

  • - eaves
  • - fabric cloths


1. The Japanese curtain konstruktsionno reminds screen and represents number of the panels connected among themselves. In the straightened look they look as uniform cloth. The feature of the Japanese curtains is that for movement of panels they need the special eaves strengthened on ceiling. During displacement the fabric cloths are not deformed, and remain straightened as are equipped from above and from below with rigid inserts.

2. The eaves can have one or several paths for movement of panels. Therefore the color and impressive scheme of partition can be changed. It allows to achieve its harmonious combination to interior. In the Japanese curtains the availability of various accessories, clips, clothespegs is excluded: they are made in strict classic style. For panels direct accurate forms are obligatory.

3. By means of the Japanese curtains it is possible to zone the room successfully. They are convenient that they in case of need allow "to dismantle" partition, having collected all cloths at wall. Thus, the room space will become uniform again. For this reason the Japanese curtains are very convenient in small-sized children's rooms as they allow to close sleeping zone in due time. It helps the child to fall asleep quietly, without being distracted by examining of toys and landscape outside the window. In kitchen the same way it is possible to differentiate lunch zone and the place for cooking.

4. If it is going to manufacture panels of dense fabric, it is necessary to consider that in one of halves of the room it will be quite gloomy even in the afternoon. Therefore there can be need to establish sconce, floor lamp, table lamps. In rooms with stretch ceilings the mounting of the Japanese curtain is difficult: it is impossible to attach eaves to film. Therefore previously construct design from metalprofile and by means of self-tapping screws on it fix slide guides. To eaves fix adhesive tape, and to it – fabric panels. This mounting mode of the Japanese curtains the most successful as allows to remove and wash them quickly.

5. Partition from the Japanese curtains – the modern and original decision. It is ideal for planning of space as this "screen" can be moved to other place easily. Using different fabric panels and profile with several paths, it is possible to make either dead dense wall, or easy and translucent. By means of the Japanese curtains it is possible to decorate door opening, using panels by analogy with sliding interroom doors. Such partition is more convenient as when updating interior it will be required to mount only the new fabric panels emphasizing style of new design of the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team