Japanese garden the hands

Japanese garden the hands

The garden in the Japanese style, undoubtedly, will be sign element on the site, not very well, you will give all area for it or issue only small corner. The Japanese gardens differ in minimalistichnost and surprising harmony with the nature.


1. The main motto of the Japanese garden – contemplation, all elements are harmonious and symbolical. Each symbol emphasizes uniqueness of the nature, shows its natural beauty, such elements are water, stones and plants.

2. There are several types of the Japanese gardens. The first type - rock-garden. Garden in which water is symbolized by stones and plants symbolize islands and mountains. To create such garden, the large territory is not necessary. If you have chosen this type of garden, then prepare the site, having cleaned it from garbage and having laid geotextiles. Geotextiles will not allow to sprout to weeds through stones. On geotextiles fill stones or coarse clean sand, in places plant moss. Place couple of large stones, and on surface with small stones to rake draw waves or circles.

3. The second type - garden of tsukiyam, in it all elements of the nature are emphasized. It is garden with reservoirs and plants. On garden there pass paths, bridges. You can arrange in such garden both separate reservoir, and the whole system of streams. Choose from plants mainly coniferous, so your garden will be decorative during the whole year. Pines, junipers, cypress and thujas will approach, all these types have set of grades from which you will be able to create both bonsais, and subauriform forms. From deciduous plants with pendent form of krone and different types of maples will approach. From flowers give preference to the Japanese flower king – peony, hellebores, astilba and irises will approach. As grassy choose fescue, it will create characteristic pincushion hummocks. If you live in warm strip, surely plant bamboo. If the climate does not allow, then use mnogovetochnik, or dwarfish bamboo, sazochka naked, fargeziya and fillostakhis.

4. The third type of garden - garden of tea ceremony. In it surely have fountain and gazebo for tea ceremony. The path to gazebo gives all the best large stones at an interval of step. Plants are used approximately the same, as in garden of tsukiyam, but at the same time it is better to exclude plants of bright colors, give preference only to green gamma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team