Juniper Blya Karpet - coniferous ornamental shrub

Juniper Blya Karpet - coniferous ornamental shrub

Seeking to improve quality of the life, the person changes the world around, creating convenient and harmonious space for dwelling. Very often in landscaping the decorative juniper Blya Karpet is used. This sort of bushes has won universal popularity, thanks to the exterior and unpretentiousness and also compatibility with other plant species.

The scaly juniper Blya Karapet is evergreen, perennial, ornamental shrubby plant. Krone of this bush – open. It has short, needle needles of blue or gray color which grow up to one centimeter long. Growth rates of plant very slow, in year the bush of juniper grows to 3 cm in height and to 5 cm in width. The plant grows and develops within about 50 years. The decorative look Blya Karpet breeds only cherenkovaniye.

Cultivation conditions

It is the best of all to grow up juniper on well lit places, enough damp though to soils and humidity this bush is not especially exacting. In shadow the decorative effect of krone of juniper is lost. Watering is required to it only in droughty summer, only 2-3 times for summer season.

This plant well transfers frosts and sharp temperature drops, however it is worth covering it for the winter the first two years nevertheless. It is necessary to delete also not disappeared needles and parts of branches which have undergone burning out and destruction by frost. The biggest threat among diseases for juniper is posed by "rust", and from wreckers – web tick, plant louse and juniper shchitovka.

Use in landscaping

The decorative juniper Blya Karapet is ideal for creation of borders, lawns and is perfectly combined with heather and rhododendron. The bush perfectly supplements stony landscapes and also coast of decorative lakes or parks in the English style. Besides, it can serve as decorative accessory of the Alpine hills and garden paths. It is necessary to replace juniper in the spring, without deepening roots, and distributing them on surface and having covered with mix of sand, peat and coniferous debris.

Useful properties

Along with decorative properties, the family of cypress junipers has number of curative properties. In the Chinese traditional medicine essential oils and also galberries – fruits of this perennial plant are widely applied. Do the alcoholic tinctures and grass broths having number of antiviral, bactericidal and insecticidal properties of it. The extra care needs to be observed with juniper juice, it contains toxins and alkaloids, and at hit on the unprotected sites of skin can cause burns and affect annoyingly epidermis. Many legends and beliefs are connected with juniper. Was considered that it is capable to protect from damage and to expel evil spirits.

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