Keramogranitny tile: features of use

Keramogranitny tile: features of use

In the domestic market this type of tile has appeared recently. It is possible therefore advantages of porcelain tile are not so widely known. In Europe it is considered one of the ecologically safest. Porcelain tile is very popular for external finishing of buildings. Its application for interior finish has several features.

Porcelain tile: features of its production

In production of this tile two types of clay and granite crumb are applied. From special mix plates which then are exposed to roasting process are pressed. Indices of strength, fire resistance and exterior are close to technical and esthetic parameters of natural stone. The strong keramogranitny tile was initially used as floor covering in industrial premises. It differs in frost resistance large-scale, but its esthetic look not especially pleased.

Modern technologies have allowed producers to improve esthetic indicators of this finishing material. The tile began to be applied in design of house interiors. The structure of this finishing material is fragile, comparable with glass. Therefore demands the maximum care when moving and cutting. Having chosen this finishing material as facing, assign obligations for performance of all works to experts.

Types of porcelain tile

Modern porcelain tile differs by types. For example, on sale it is possible to see granite tile imitating marble, natural stone or ancient ceramics. Technological process assumes putting special substances on the surface of porcelain tile. Such tile differs in unique coloring, high strength parameters. At the domestic market there is good selection of glazed porcelain tile. This type of tile is provided by the polished, semi-polished, opaque and structured facing material. The unique look is capable to add soft gloss of the polished kermogranit to any interior. Facing by ceramics is widely applied to dressing of walls and floors in residential owner-occupied dwellings today. The structured porcelain tile imitates the invoice of tree, stone with characteristic roughnesses. Compositions from such tile become basis of the stylistic decision for interiors. Modern production techniques are constantly improved. Functional and esthetic performance of porcelain tile improves. Life cycle of porcelain tile is not limited. It is extremely strong, resistant to abrasion and scratches. Material is not inclined to clinking, vlagoustoychiv. Porcelain tile long keeps the qualities, maintains the most severe operating conditions. Also design creative decisions do not run low. Thanks to new facing materials our houses take stylish form and desired cosiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team