Key trends in design on the near future

Key trends in design on the near future

New technologies and innovations change our life so quickly that recent trends in interior design for 2017-2018 will probably quite strongly surprise and look extremely intriguing. It is unlikely something can be predicted, but several key moments which, as expected, will be in the center of the last solutions of interior in the nearest future are described below.

Furniture approaches office decisions, but round shapes, soft textures and organic materials create homeliness. The purpose is in that furniture was convenient for our stormy and busy everyday life, and our houses – were small oasis in which we can relax completely.

Search of natural elements in interior continues to remain on the agenda, using various prints and drawings of flowers, trees and animals and also many other things.

Adventures and trips

Besides conveniences, people love variety. It is adventurous spirit and the nomadic relation to the dwelling is the cornerstone of other top trend in furniture. Furniture has to be folding and multipurpose, but at the same time remain attractive. Rooms are decorated with accessories from far-away countries, but tourist "trophies" should not encumber interior, and just supplement the adventure atmosphere of interior.

Comfort even far from the house

Now the mobile way of life is more widespread, than ever. Interior designers pay attention to this trend and focus on limited spaces such as vans, caravans, buses, etc. more and more. Also they seek to transfer these trends to small apartments. The purpose is achievement of enviable level of comfort and luxury here though the sizes of "dwelling" do not mean any parts in situation.

The most widespread colors - white and black. The contrast between two extremes visually expands space, and wooden elements bring feeling of heat.

Minimalistic bathrooms for modern city housing

Every year the housing problem in many megalopolises of the world goes deep, and pays more and more attention to modeling of small spaces. When apartments are initially built with extremely limited space, the purpose is in allocating as much as possible place for the living room and the bedroom, and the bathroom is so small that the previous generations would hardly apprehend its per se.

That is why in this room the pure style prevails. The form and the size of sink and toilet are reduced significantly every year. At the same time it not only economy of space, but also special proximity and elegance which are so characteristic of modern city apartments.

The 60th and 70th

One more feature of modern design quests – return in time, especially, in 60th and 70th. Use of vitreous elements then has been limited to projects, flowers and accessories, but now modular systems, living room furniture, lamps and cabinets find the application in style of houses and apartments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team