Kitchens from ash-tree: 5 styles of registration

Kitchens from ash-tree: 5 styles of registration

Complete kitchens from natural wood look expensively and stylish. Popular natural material is the massif of ash-tree. The ash-tree furniture is issued in different design and will fit into any interior.

Complete kitchens from ash-tree: features

Ash-tree – noble tree which became demanded and modern material for production of furniture. It is used for children's furniture, cabinets and dressers, sleeping sets. Kitchens from ash-tree are especially popular. Headsets of premium class and mid-price segment are manufactured of this tree. Even not the not most expensive products look qualitatively and elitely thanks to plain surface and noble color.

Wood of ash-tree differs in durability and durability. It keeps the attractive exterior for long years of service, and kitchen pollution and fats do not leave on it indelible marks.

The design of kitchens from ash-tree is diverse. The tree has set of shades – it is possible to choose necessary in color gamma from saturated brown to gentle pink. Producers paint kitchen furniture in right colors and cover with resistant varnishes which do surface glossy.

Price range of kitchens from ash-tree is wide and depends on quality of material, filling and complexity of dressing. In general, it is possible to find quite worthy budgetary option in suitable design.

Environmental friendliness of this material belongs to the main advantages of the massif of ash-tree. At the same time it is reliable and durable, resistant to harmful effects of the environment. Also mechanical damages from blows or falling of heavy objects are not terrible to ash-tree. The bright and diverse color gamma supplements the list of clear advantages of natural material.

The ash-tree is multipurpose – is suitable for kitchens of any type. Furniture from this material can be established in small modest apartments and in elite housing. It will fit into any interior thanks to solid exterior.

Complete kitchens have from ash-tree and shortcomings. First of all – high cost concerning other materials. Besides, the tree is subject to influence of bacteria and harmful microbes. Therefore additional leaving is required: thorough clarification, processing by antiseptic substances, drawing protective layer from varnish. Without these measures in ash-tree furniture insects can be got. Badly influences ash-tree and liquid: the tree absorbs large amount of water.

How to choose kitchens from ash-tree

Today wide choice of kitchens from ash-tree is presented at the market. To make right choice and to buy really good set, it is necessary to check whether there corresponds the product to several parameters.

The complete kitchen from ash-tree has to have plain surface without jags and cracks. Equal color with soft transitions – also sign of quality material.

Set of kitchen furniture includes several elements of panel board and frame type which connect among themselves. Before purchase it is necessary to check completeness of set.

To reduce product cost, many producers make facades of shponirovanny MDF or chipboard. The European bar is often used. Only doors which do set durable and strong are carried out from the massif of ash-tree. The furniture which is completely consisting of tree is more expensive.

The tree reacts to external factors, including hit of sunshine. Traces of burning out say that the product was exposed to negative impact that will badly affect its properties.

At final stage of production the complete kitchens from ash-tree cover with varnish, oil or wax to set structure. The checked and famous producers provide guarantee for furniture on which it is possible to replace the failed kitchen.

The cost of kitchen depends on material and on design. Than more it is difficult, the more is put thread and patterns, the more will cost furniture.

Five styles of registration of kitchens from ash-tree

Universal complete kitchens from ash-tree will fit practically into any design. Natural material will be suitable for modern interiors and kitchens in style of retro, laconic and luxurious rooms. The main thing is to choose suitable option for each case.

The style hi-tech seems not to the most suitable for warm, natural material what the massif of ash-tree is. Nevertheless, and it is possible to enter tree furniture in such ultramodern design. Best of all the monophonic option painted in light colors will approach. Such complete kitchens will visually increase space of small kitchens. White color has to dominate, but it should be diluted with bright additions, for example, with red lamp or blue vase.

Bright and courageous modernist style is suitable for apartments of young people. Kitchens from ash-tree can be painted in bright colors and are covered with various patterns. At the same time in the room there should not be too many accessories, and additional parts can be added in the form of photowall-paper with various pictures or illustrations on walls.

Classical kitchen in the muffled tones and reserved design – the most suitable option just for decoration from ash-tree. Here natural shades and soft gloss will approach. The cosiness will be added by textile pillows and curtains in the muffled tones. Flowers in pots and pictures with landscapes on walls will relevant look. It is better to pick up wall-paper monophonic or with not striking pattern.

One more suitable option for kitchens from ash-tree – rural style of country. It is possible to play on effect of contrasts, having chosen dark furniture and light accessories, for example, of curtain. It should be added parts in the form of figurines, pillows with prints, small rugs and pictures with flowers. Curtains at windows can be replaced with blinds in reserved color gamma. Kitchen furniture can be executed in different, but natural flowers. In such design textural coverings and drawings appropriate look.

The aristocratical and reserved style of English cuisine also approaches just for decoration from ash-tree. It is important to pick up parts, contrast to natural material, – for example, glass panels, metal inserts. It is important to observe measure and good taste, to select soft tone. The shouting colors will look is inappropriate in such interior.

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