Landing of saplings or how to grow up garden?

Landing of saplings or how to grow up garden?

Magnificently blossoming and fructifying garden – dream which should be tried to obtain for many years. It is important to choose and plant correctly saplings, the strong trees yielding rich harvest will grow further from these thin branches.

How to choose saplings

All qualities of adult plant are already put in small sapling: taste and exterior of fruits, winter hardiness, productivity, resistance to diseases and wreckers, speed of growth and many other things. It surely has to be zoned, that is adapted to growth in certain conditions – to cold or warm winter, spring frosts, droughty or damp summer, etc.

It is better to buy saplings in special nursery, from the checked producer. When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to roots: they have to be branched, fresh, not less than 30 cm in length. Will help to learn that they are not frozen cut – at fresh roots cut white, but not brown. Swellings and outgrowths on roots testify to root cancer of sapling, to buy such plant will be big mistake.

That roots were not weather-beaten and have not dried up, they should be enveloped in damp paper or package at once, to shift damp moss or burlap. Leaves need to be torn off at once, without injuring pazushny kidney that the plant has not weakened.

It is better to plant plants on the constant place at once, but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to prikopat for a while them on any bed. The dried-up roots will be restored if to lower them for one hour in water. Even the sapling with the dried-up leaves and bark can be revived, having lowered in water entirely for 1-2 days.

It is possible to Prikopat saplings even for the winter, having powdered all plant with the earth and having covered with fir twigs.

Preparation of hole for sapling

It is better to prepare hole several months prior to landing, in that case the earth will manage to sink. For apple-tree and pear the hole of 60-80 cm in depth, up to 80 cm wide is necessary. Cherry, drainings, sweet cherries, apricot, cherry plum and other stone breeds requires hole of 60 cm in depth and with a diameter of 40 cm. Bushes can be planted in trench depth and up to 40 cm wide. The earth is more dense, the more widely there has to be hole. If on the site there is danger of flooding, the drainage will help to dewater from roots. It represents the deep channel, up to 1-1.5 meters, filled up with beaten brick or crushed stone. Sequence of actions following: it is necessary to dig out hole for root system, in the most lower part of hole to dig the deep channel, to fill it with stones, then to start jumping of sapling.

Planting of saplings

Saplings should be planted in the same situation in relation to parts of the world in what they grew in nursery. It is necessary to lower plant in hole and to cover prime with earth – the top soil removed at hole outplanting, mixed with fertilizers. It is better to locate the earth from depth of hole on pristvolny circle, or not to use at all. The clay talker will help to keep freshness of roots, in it the plant is lowered before the landing.

Saplings will better take root if before disembarkation to take them in solution of stimulators of korneobrazovaniye.

Organic fertilizers, for example, the rerotting manure or compost are surely necessary. Slaborazlozhivshiyesya fertilizers should be spread out as mulch so that they did not adjoin to tree roots. Mineral substances need to be selected individually for each culture and depending on features of the soil. Nitrogen fertilizers can worsen survival of plant therefore they should be avoided when landing. After disembarkation the earth should be condensed and to water well. The root neck should not be too buried, the exception is made by berry bushes - they are specially planted more deeply to stimulate emergence of new roots. If owing to sedimentation of the soil the sapling has fallen, it should be raised above the ground, otherwise it can decay. Further leaving consists in cutting, watering, mulching of the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team