Landscaping of the narrow site

Landscaping of the narrow site

Arrangement of personal plot demands to know some regularities of combination of geometrical forms. Besides, it is necessary to consider geophysical features of the territory. There are still some nuances which need to be considered if you were going to do landscaping independently.

At first define level of underground water. You can call representatives of meliorative service or conduct the research. On the edge dig out hole of 2 m in depth. Wait until water settles, then start measurements. Your task is to learn distance from water to surface. If at you less than 1 m have turned out, then it is necessary to carry out drainage works.

Keep safe and sound top layer of soil. If large-scale construction jobs are coming, then remove the fruitful soil, hide in safety then to use.

The landscape on the narrow site has the features therefore in advance write down on paper forms of trees and bushes which, in your opinion, successfully will be combined with each other. There is option: round beds adjoin to oval beds, they have different diameters that creates effect of modern abstraction.

Visually create dividers of zones. The vineyard, arch, wall from climbers, pergola or green hedge will execute this function. Alternative it – beds or groups of garden bushes. When you break the narrow site into zones, study possibilities of cross and diagonal lines.

Check the solution of architecture with terraces when zones are located relatively each other at different height. Consider that at the same time the productivity increases in greenhouses, greenhouses and on kitchen gardens.

Contours of paths which you have planned arrange with skill. They can visually round corners, changing the initial picture of landscape of the narrow site. Leave width of paths the lawn-mower, sufficient for the free movement.

The green hedge on perimeter loses relevance, the high shadow will only narrow already problem site. Plant trees better, mixing them by the size. Remember that the most attractive at you by default have to turn out the center: bright flowers, for example.

You will achieve visual expansion of the yard if on perimeter light flowers, exclusively cold tones blossom. And at face at the same time draw attention of foreign look with bright contrast.

The narrow geometry of garden has the advantages in terms of design. It is impossible to absorb all its zones in one look. But it is easier to mix parts of different styles. On the narrow site the process of division of zones is simplified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team