Landscaping of the seasonal dacha the hands - scope for creativity

Landscaping of the seasonal dacha the hands - scope for creativity

The beautiful seasonal dacha is pleasing to the eye in magnificent flowers, delightful landscape and harmony. That the garden became your pride, it has to have the original design in which all its merits and demerits will be beaten. To create landscaping of the seasonal dacha the hands – the real scope for creativity.

Basic principles of landscaping

Your seasonal dacha will well look if you correctly pick up proportions. Most advantageously proportions 2:1 look. For example: two thirds of garden are set, one third – free space.

Most pleasantly the person feels in small spaces. Organize large open territories in the small isolated zones.

Pick up style of your seasonal dacha. Do not allow wide spacing, using set of various colors and textures in registration. Do not do garden too asymmetric – when one part considerably dominates over the second.

Plan of the site

Examine the garden and think how to beat its merits and demerits. At the foot of the hill it is possible to arrange grotto with falls, in the shaded place to plant shade-loving plants. Define where there will pass paths as you arrange the system of watering. Designate on the plan all buildings, decorative reservoirs, flower beds and protections which you are going to build.

Remember that it is necessary to plant plants according to the principle of "number of storeys" - at first high trees, then - bushes and in the last turn - undersized cultures.

Landscaping elements

Dorozhkiochen the paths paved with brick, tiles or stone blocks interestingly look. Show imagination and lay out paths some original pattern - "short flight of stairs" or "fir-tree". Informal paths which are easy for removing or moving create by means of small pebble, slate crumb or plates which fill or put without concrete use. Fencings and izgorodikrasivy openwork fencings can be built from vryty columns and willow rods or the fence. The green hedge is more difficult created. It is necessary to pick up the resembling plant for it (box evergreen, euonymus Japanese, beech forest, beech copper, hornbeam ordinary, honeysuckle), to plant it and carefully to look after it. But the result will please you very long. Arches, gazebos and pergolyet build elements of garden design of metal and tree. They have to be reliable, give shadow and support to climbers. Creating these constructions the hands, consider force and speed of winds of your area – too shaky design can fall under weight of plants. VodoemyPruda and falls not only decorate the seasonal dacha, they help to distract from wordly vanity, to relax. It is very beautiful if to plant around them flowers and dense ferns which can admire, enjoying water noise.

To enjoy soundings of your garden, it is possible to plant the plants creating small noise under wind whiff. For example, flickering silky feather grass.

Garden sculptures and mebelsadovy sculptures and furniture have to be combined on style with other constructions and landings. If your seasonal dacha is sustained in the Japanese style, you are hardly worth buying the English bench or antique vase.

Look for the highlight. Try to use normal objects in creation of compositions. For example, use old rubber boots under flowerpots. It is possible to look for such ideas in magazines or on the Internet.

OsveshcheniePosle of approach of twilight the special atmosphere on the site is created by means of lighting. Lamps, lamps of narrowly targeted light, small lamps will emphasize beauty of plants and will allow you to spend time in favourite garden and after sunset.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team