Lane: choice and installation

Lane: choice and installation

Garden lane - one of types of small architectural forms. Having competently picked up this stylish decoration of garden, you can not only provide support to climbers, but also receive unique, easy and openwork picture of landscaping on the site.

The lane is, first of all, the practical framed structure providing vertical support for cultural plants: grapes, rosebushes, clematises, blackberry , etc. Besides practical function, the lane executed in decorative forms will add decoration of garden. Depending on landscape stylistics this element can be made of metal, wood, plastic.

How to choose lane

The choice of lane, as well as the place of its placement, can be caused not only esthetic reasons. For example, by means of lane it is possible to hide some unattractive places on the site: old fencing, ugly walls of farm buildings. Horizontally established lane will allow to build the beautiful roof in gazebo giving tenek.

If plants require several vertical lanes, from them the excellent gazebo can turn out. In that case it is necessary to order on production elements in one style and to connect them among themselves.

The form of lane depends on desirable stylistics and on the required durability and stability. Durability and stability of design, first of all, will depend on the size of cells. The cells are larger, the not more steadily there will be design, the optimum size is about 10 cm on the longest party. As a rule, lane elements among themselves in corners small carnations or self-tapping screws connect, it allows to stretch if necessary lane in the form of rhombus.

The landscape designs executed from tree can be square, rectangular and triangular shape. The device of the wire, metal, forged, plastic garden lanes allows to make them in the most various forms, elements can be made arc-shaped, S-shaped, in the form of fan and any other curls at will.

How to establish lane

Despite beautiful esthetic view, it is impossible to forget that the lane, first of all, is intended for performance of practical functions. Therefore it is necessary to establish design so that it could support fully sprouts of plants, did not disturb them in growth and blossoming. The support for climbers can supplement terrace or garden lamp, to be sliding, folding, folding.

If you have made the decision to place lane as separate design, for example, in the middle of bed, then you will need to stiffen it. The rod post well copes with this task.

As such rod post it is possible to choose reinforcing rod not less than 1 cm thick, it needs to be driven in the earth approximately on half-meter. It is similarly possible to use and the most plain wooden bar, the part entering the earth should be processed previously pitch and to wind with piece of roofing material. However it is necessary to consider that there will be such column not really long.

For separate lane before installation it is necessary to provide wind loads to which the design will be exposed at different times years. Weather patterns: gusty wind, abundant snowfall, heavy rain can loosen and even to bring down lane. The design covered with dense green vegetable carpet on wind turns into similarity of sail and any loads of it amplify. Therefore it is important to pay to reliable fastening on support special attention. 

The construction can give necessary rigidity also by means of the special frame executed on the basis of strong metal or timber frame construction. If you are going to establish lane near wall or on column, near any construction, then it also will serve as necessary support. In this case you make fastening taking into account sufficient fixing and free placement of plants on design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team