Lilac wall-paper: opportunities and the principles of application in interior

Lilac wall-paper: opportunities and the principles of application in interior

Lilac – very courageous, cool color and to decide to use it in interior not everyone will be able. Actually, lilac wall-paper is fine opportunity to fill rooms with mystery, to create depth, to use unexpected decisions for registration of rooms of any type – from the hall to the bedroom and wardrobe.

Interiors with finishing by lilac wall-paper more often appear on printed pages and the Internet of editions. They look very safely, opportunities which they give in design are simply boundless, it is necessary to show consideration for coloring and placement of accents only. It is important to understand what the specifics of color consist in, to be able to combine it with suitable shades, to think over finishing of the room where lilac wall-paper, to the smallest parts will be used. In art of interior design there are certain rules, cunnings and subtleties of use of lilac color and its shades, the scheme of possible combination to other flowers of palette is developed.

As it is possible to use lilac wall-paper in interior

By means of wall-paper of lilac color it is possible to change cardinally interior, to visually expand space or to make it compact, but deep, cozy and mysterious. Professional designers "play" such material and create unique decisions in any style – from classics of the English direction to modern "hi-tech". To achieve success, without having experience in this area, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations of professionals:

  • indoors with bad quality of lighting it is possible to use wall-paper only of light lilac color,
  • if the room small, then and in it lilac wall-paper of light shade is taken as basis,
  • in big rooms light wall-paper "will be lost", and saturated color is necessary,
  • lilac wall-paper perfectly fits into any style, but retro, warm Provence are preferable classics.

It is possible to use lilac wall-paper as accents, but it is very important to pick up correctly tone of other elements of interior, including furniture, textiles and accessories.

With what shades it is possible to combine lilac wall-paper

Very few people know that lilac color in interior was extraordinary popular at the time of origin of Baroque style. At the moment its demand has increased in interior design again, and in the form of the most unusual and courageous decisions and combinations. Lilac wall-paper can be combined with materials of the following shades:

  • bezh and sand,
  • gray and black,
  • white and dairy.

These are classical "duets" of color combinations. But it is possible to use also more courageous decisions, to combine lilac wall-paper with close shades, for example, with cornflower-blue or lavender, color of orchid or lilac, amethyst, plum or eggplant.

Not bad look in interior, refresh it and unusual combinations – lilac with lime, blue sea, bright red. Professionals recommend to give in such "duets" lilac supporting role, to use it as impregnation in the main tone in the form of panel from wall-paper, textiles or furniture elements.

Lilac wall-paper with print – secrets of the choice and use

Very originally lilac wall-paper with print looks in living rooms, spacious bedrooms and halls, kitchens. But success is possible only in case the print is chosen correctly. Professionals recommend to conform to such rules:

  • the size of print has to correspond to the room size, for example, in compact rooms only the small ornament on lilac wall-paper is appropriate,
  • the flower lilac pattern is luxury, and all interior in general has to correspond to it, including furniture, accessories and textiles,
  • on lilac wall-paper in classical interior there has to be ordered drawing or pattern, and the rare single print will perfectly fit into minimalism,
  • if the print is used as accent, then its tone has to be the brightest if as background – light.

It is important to understand that designers mean by the concept "print" of these rules also small pattern on wall-paper – imprinted or traced, and the large flower drawing. That the result did not look vulgarly and did not hurt the eyes, it is possible to use special programs for development of interiors.

For what rooms lilac wall-paper is suitable

At skillful use wall-paper of lilac color will successfully look in any type. This shade of color palette, though is considered cold, forms the atmosphere of harmony, rest and pacification in the room.

In the living room it is possible to create interior from several shades of lilac wall-paper, having differentiated with their help the main zones of the room – the worker, the recreation area game for children. If the living room is made out in one tone, then designers recommend to create accents from panel with landscapes in gray tones, pieces of furniture of white or courageous red color.

In the bedroom you should not paste over walls with lilac wall-paper of rich saturated tone. To this room it is better to buy wall-paper the light, creating cosiness and warmth. Accents in the bedroom are not necessary, boundary prints should not be here, that is both furniture, and textiles have to be one tone with walls.

The dining room and kitchen – here where will be most appropriate lilac wall-paper, accessories and other elements of interior. Walls, zones over working table-tops, furniture, ware, cloths can be lilac. And in these rooms it is, almost, impossible to go too far neither in quantity, nor in the saturation of this color. But also about limits reasonable, rules of interior design you should not forget.

Basic rules of lilac interior

So, lilac wall-paper for registration of one or all rooms of the apartment, country house or cottage is chosen. About what rules should not you forget at all? They are simple also them not much:

  • the main tone and its combination to other flowers have to be thought over,
  • surely it is necessary to adhere to certain style – classics, baroque or hi-tech,
  • the size and type of print if it is used, has to correspond to the room size,
  • the less room, the lilac wall-paper for it has to be lighter.

If this color is chosen, it is worth thinking over in details future interior, to study the recommendations of designers, and it is even better – to involve professionals in development of the project of finishing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team