Lilies: landing and care in the open ground

Lilies: landing and care in the open ground

If you have decided to plant lilies on the site, then your acquaintance will begin on counter of shop. Purchase of bulbs of lilies in specialized shop or at flower-shows at amateur collectors who often are true professionals in cultivation of healthy plants will be the best decision.

How to choose good bulbs of lily

Anyway, where you tried to buy lilies, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of full-fledged bulbs of plants. Bulbs of lily need to be chosen as whenever possible large, not overdried, with fleshy cheshuyam. Symptoms of diseases and mechanical damages on any of parts of bulb are unacceptable therefore very attentively examine its scales, roots and collum.

It is better to attend to purchase of bulbs of lilies in the early spring or in the fall, before their disembarkation in soil. Deadlines of planting of bulbs in soil in the fall – the end of October, in the spring – the beginning of May.

If lilies are acquired in advance, then it is possible to store bulbs in packing with perforation, in the dark cool place, at temperatures not below 4 °C, for example, in the lower department of the fridge. The place for storage has to be dry, with access of enough air. In such conditions the bulb of lily can start in growth. In this case it is necessary to open packing and to trace that the young stalk has not undergone deformation.

Rules of landing of lily

Pleasant feature of cultivation of lilies is their ability to grow and to develop fully on one place up to five years. The main thing is to choose the suitable place for flower in garden. Lilia – fans of moderately humidified places in half-shade with well trained soil.

The most favorable period for landing of lily is necessary for the end of September when the plant still is in rest. Predvysadochny actions include removal damaged cheshuy, shortening of the extended roots and processing of bulbs by system fungicide. Lilies are very sympathetic to application of growth factors so they can also be used safely. For example, at first we process bulbs 0.2% solution of fundazol for 20 minutes, we dry and we stand them hour in the epena.

Landing of lilies is made in poles with a diameter up to 40 cm if bulbs large, on depth not less than 15 cm. At the bottom of pole to prepare good drainage in advance, it can be gravel of binding or sand up to 5 cm. From above to fill soil layer, also about 5 cm are optimum.

To plant bulbs of lily on one in each such landing hole and, condensing the earth around plant, to fill up them so that soil completely covered bulb top. You should not forget that the optimum depth of planting of bulb of 15 cm. Then to note the place of landing of lily, forming by hands on earth surface circle around landing pole and to fill handful of the granulated fertilizers.

Care for lily: fertilizer

On growth of bulbous species of flower plants including lilies, fertilizing by mineral fertilizers well influences. Many gardeners who are fond of cultivation of lilies recommend to use the granulated fertilizers for bulbous flowers which structure is specially developed for this group of plants.

It is necessary to fertilize lilies two times a year. In the fall in October the fertilizing is carried out by the fertilizers which are not containing nitrogen and in the spring as soon as on the surface of the soil young leaves – fertilizers with nitrogen seem. You should not use organic fertilizers, the surplus of organic chemistry in soil promotes infection of lilies with fungal diseases, and here entering into soil of wood ashes will render opposite effect. For prevention of diseases and distribution of wreckers about three once a year are recommended to carry out spraying of lilies by 1% solution of the Bordeaux mix.

Secrets of successful care for lilies

In care of lily in the majority are unpretentious, but nevertheless there are several secrets which need to be known, starting cultivation of this fine plant.

The place of landing of lilies is better to choose it that the lower part of stalk of plant was in shadow on the site. It will allow to avoid overheating and drying of the earth around bulbs. For this purpose it is possible to plant lilies in compositions with undersized or srednerosly flower cultures. Lilies are especially well combined in such landings with daylilies, hosts, nivyanik and hand bells.

Care for lilies during blossoming costs from ensuring small watering. If the period of blossoming has coincided with drought, then it is necessary is abundant to flood with water the site with flowers several times to avoid water exhaustion of bulbs. After lilies fade, watering can be stopped absolutely.

At cut of lilies in bouquet surely leave part of stalk with leaves above the ground. It will allow bulb to continue full development. The cut needs to be done by braid that rain water did not get in stalk and did not cause its rotting. Carry out cutting of all sprouts of lilies in the fall, having left stalks up to 20 cm high.

In order that lilies have not suffered in the winter from frosts, they need to be covered. It is possible to use for the shelter sawdust, film, agrofibre, fir twigs and other materials. The main thing to check that the soil and material were completely dry. In the spring after disappearance of threat of frosts the shelter needs to be removed to provide development of the normal not deformed sprouts of lilies.

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