Liquid wall-paper in interior

Liquid wall-paper in the construction market has appeared not so long ago and has quickly won popularity, Variety of invoices and color palette gives ample opportunities for registration of interiors.

Types of liquid wall-paper

So it liquid wall-paper? This decorative finishing coat made of cellulose. Also pigments, glue binding substance, softener and decorative components, such as silk fiber, nacre, spangles, mica and others are its part. At this type of finishing set of pluses:

- are applied on surface without joints;

- anti-static and ecologically safe;

- have unlimited life cycle;

- after drawing on walls they can be moved to other place without damage to quality.

By the form wall-paper is cellulose, cellulose and silk and silk. The last differs in resistance to ultraviolet, does not burn out in the sun and keep bright colors for many years.

How to put liquid wall-paper

Liquid wall-paper happens in white color, it is necessary to add components to them to receive the necessary finishing covering. Work with such substance demands certain skills. Material already ready to application is more demanded. For work with it the big professionalism is not necessary. Dry powder is enough to be dissolved with warm water to homogeneous mass also it is possible to apply on surface.

Proportions water-powder are registered on packing and have to be observed strictly. It is necessary to stir mix only in manual, mixers can destroy structure of wall-paper. Solution is infused by 12 hours, then again mix and start putting mix on surface.

The divorced wall-paper on consistence corresponds to putty and is applied with spatula, then the layer is distributed on the plane by the special roller or grater. That the drawing was impressive and not greased, it is important to calculate pressing force correctly. If to press the palette poorly, thickness of layer will be uneven, by strong pressing the drawing will be distorted.

Wall-paper applies on the prepared walls. From them carefully delete old finishing, ground surface acrylic prime coating or paint over white aqueous emulsion ink.

Drawings liquid wall-paper

By means of liquid wall-paper it is possible to create bright original interior. It is possible to issue wall soft junction from light shade to dark, to cover with the drawing. It is simple to make the drawing liquid wall-paper, it is necessary to apply on surface with slate pencil or pencil contour, then to fill it in one color and to wait for full drying. To cut with stationery knife, what has got out for contour, and to cause the second color. Depending on plan of the drawing of color impose step by step, here and all technology. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team