Long-term flowers in landscaping

Long-term flowers in landscaping

Using flowers in landscaping, it is important not to lose sense of style and to create compositions which will successfully supplement each other and to create the image conceived initially. At the same time it is important to consider conditions in which flowers will grow: the shady garden, rock garden and green hedge will demand landing of plants with different preferences.

Plants of shady garden

The shady garden leaves the mark on the choice of plants. In spite of the fact that flowers in landscaping are absolutely necessary, in shadow, unfortunately, only the limited quantity of plants can grow. To it belongs dekorativnolistny host and ferns which submit look fine-molded foliage and unusual coloring.

Perfectly lilies of the valley feel in shadows and graceful cultivated flowers. However, planting this plant, it is necessary to remember that under favorable conditions the lilies of the valley are quite aggressive and can occupy the big spaces, and the neighbourhood with them is not maintained by any plant – these lovely hand bells are very unaccomodating and poisonous.

The lungwort – the beautiful guest from the wood perfectly feels in shady garden, its magnificent curtains blossom in the spring and recover still sad garden.

Plants of reservoirs

Near garden reservoir the majority of garden plants will perfectly feel. Among them are popular:

  • different types and grades of iris garden and Siberian;
  • bergenias;
  • daylilies;

Plants for the Alpine hill

The subject of rock garden will not be avoided by any garden designer. It is that tool by means of which it is possible to change absolutely garden, to place the necessary emphasis on one of its corners and to disguise unnecessary elements. In this case flowers in landscaping are necessary, it is only necessary to choose them correctly.

The undersized long-term flowers which have got used to severe conditions and stony soils will be suitable for the Alpine hill. It can be spring bulbous: tulips of Greyga, Kauffman, muskar, crocuses, hazel grouses, glades.

 After that charming primroses, anemones blossom. Further the relay is picked up by awl-shaped phlox, sedum, and then also annual plants blossom: undersized marigold, petunias, lion's pharynx, begonia, verbena.

For creation of the necessary background on stony hills plant undersized coniferous bushes, silverweed, ageratum – these plants perfectly unite space and create uniform composition.


This big group of plants too deserving attention which maiden grapes, pletisty rose, clematis, hop enter. Long-term lianas are capable to decorate gazebo, recreation area, wall of the house or shed, to create green hedge and the zoned spaces in garden.

Pletisty rose – the queen of garden. The entrance arch twined roses, verandah will subdue the wonderful view and aroma even skeptically adjusted guests and will force to be got to fall in love each of them.

Maiden grapes – the powerful liana submitting the carved leaves. With its help it is possible to create cozy shadow, to decorate the old shed, to issue green hedge. In the fall maiden grapes become ruby-red and decorate garden against the background of yellow foliage to the frosts.

Clematis – the dense wall covered with rays of multi-colored buds as any other plant, is capable to decorate gazebo, recreation area.

Using flowers in landscaping, it is not necessary to seek to land as much as possible different types of plants – it will lead to the fact that the style will be absolutely lost and the conceived stylish flower bed will resemble the normal rural front garden. In creation of composition it is important to consider colors, form and time of blossoming of separate plants that together they created delightful image which has been conceived initially.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team