Loose building materials, their features

Loose building materials, their features

By production of the most popular artificial material – concrete, except sand the following loose fillers are used: crushed stone, gravel, haydite. Each of them has both advantages, and shortcomings. Therefore before production of concrete of certain brand it is necessary to pick up the most suitable filler.

What calcareous crushed stone differs from granite in

Crushed stone is formed when crushing rocky rocks. There are two main types of crushed stone: granite as it is easy to guess from the name, it is received when crushing granite, and calcareous. The first of them differs in high strength therefore it is used at concrete making as filler. Durability of calcareous crushed stone is low therefore for this purpose it is unsuitable at all.

Such crushed stone is widely used at road construction, as one of adding layers.

According to state standard specification, particle sizes of the crushed stone used at any construction jobs have to be ranging from 5 up to 70 mm. Most often at concrete making use particles from 5 to 20 mm in size. Crushed stone which particles have the sizes from 20 to 40 mm is applied at road construction, and from 40 to 70 mm – when laying tram and railway tracks.

Gravel and haydite

Gravel differs from crushed stone in what is formed not as a result of artificial crushing of rocks, and during their natural destruction. Respectively, gravel particle sizes on average it is more, than at crushed stone. At concrete making, mainly, mountain gravel as its particles have rough surface is used, and it promotes their best coupling with cement slurry. Particles of the gravel extracted on the river and sea coast have smooth surface.

Though such gravel is much purer mountain, containing impurity in the form of clay, sand and other pollutants, because of smooth surface it is not used as concrete aggregate.

Gravel crushed stone finds very broad application in construction business. Except concrete production, it goes for construction of roads, charge of roofs, is used at improvement of territories. Haydite is the easy and cellular artificial material which is formed when roasting clay breeds. Having high strength, excellent warm and sound-proof properties, resistance to temperature drops and humidity and also durability, it is widely used by production of light concrete and also wall panels for exterior finish. If you need to buy any loose filler, get acquainted with the prices of these building materials, and choose the reliable, checked supplier. Also you can use responses of acquaintances, friends.

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