Main diseases of tomatoes

Main diseases of tomatoes

Even growing up tomatoes in due form, there is probability that they will get sick. For development of diseases of this culture there are many factors which do not depend on the gardener. But, to protect the harvest, it is possible to use different methods.

Topmost decay - disease of tomatoes which affects the first formed fruits. At their tops there are pressed black or brown spots. It is result of lack of the soil of calcium and also sharp fluctuation of moisture of the soil, high temperature of air and its dryness. As prevention of topmost decay it is not recommended to be fond of fertilizing of nitrogen fertilizers. 

Gray decay strikes all plant, including fruits. Near fruit stem the watery gray spot which quickly expands is formed, gradually striking all fruit. To avoid it, it is necessary to watch closely humidity in the greenhouse, it should not exceed 60%. Preventive measures against this disease is mulching of the soil straw or dry peat after waterings and also regular airing of the greenhouse. 

The viral disease strik develops on the tomatoes which are grown up both in the open ground, and in protected. Causative agents of disease can be in the soil, seeds, garden stock, plant debris and also can be transmitted through juice of sick plants at pasynkovaniye. It is shown in the form of dark strips and spots on all parts of plant. The largest probability of infection arises during long cold rains. The disease stops with approach of sunny weather. To prevent emergence of strik on tomatoes, seedling is watered several times with potassium permanganate solution. At disease of adult plants under everyone pour out 1 l of this medicine once a week.

Phytophthora - mushroom disease which develops, mainly, on the plants which are grown up in the open ground. For only several days it is capable to destroy all harvest of tomatoes. The first potatoes are surprised, and already from it the disease passes to tomatoes. Therefore, it is not recommended to grow up these cultures nearby. On fruits of tomatoes dark stains rough, dense to the touch appear. Leaves and stalks become brown. The immature fruits seeming healthy and removed on dozarivaniye decay. During frequent fogs or at dew this disease arises especially often. To avoid phytophthora, plants spray with solution of copper vitriol, adding to it liquid or laundry soap.

Diseases of tomatoes exists much, but if to carry out preventive measures, then most of them can be avoided.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team