Make-up for beginners

Make-up for beginners

any cosmetic shop now such variety of cosmetic products that it is even easy for skilled person in affairs of make-up to become puzzled. How here to be to the beginner? To the one who has for the first time decided to apply on himself fighting color there are several useful tips.


  1. Tools for make-up. In the choice of tools for drawing make-up the quality matters, but you should not be zealous and buy up all most expensive too. Will be sponges for compact powder, brush for friable powder, brush of the average size for blush, small brush for eyebrows, shadows and several sponges sponges enough. Try to buy brushes with natural pile, they do make-up better and are more practical in use.
  2. Color palette. That your image was perfect, it is necessary to pick up the skin of color which are ideal for your shade. Define to what tsvetotip your appearance belongs and make the choice, making a start from it. Warm colors of skin are suited: gold, peach and red-orange shades. The cold tone of skin is combined with silvery, lilac, violet and all shades of blue.
  3. Easy transparent layers. It is always easier to add missing detail, than to correct already existing. Therefore do not make mistake of most of beginners - you do not put thick layers on face, do not do similarity of mask on the face. Do make-up at good natural lighting, putting thin imperceptible layers of cosmetics.
  4. Necessary cosmetics: tone osnovakorrektor at neobkhodimostipudrapodvodka for glazkarandash for broveytush for resnitsrumyanatenigubny lipstick or lip gloss
  5. Basis. For ideal make-up well-groomed skin is necessary. You are not lazy to look after the person. After careful clarification, surely use the moisturizing cream. If skin clean, then basis can not be necessary. Will be light powder and the proofreader for problem zones enough. Buying basis, give preference to lungs, the moistening means. Use clean sponges and brushes. Well shade basis in the area of chin, temples and forehead - any borders considerably should not be.
  6. Eyes. For a start lay eyebrows special brush. The color of pencil for eyebrows has to approach their natural color and be in harmony with color of eyeliner. Put shadows, on upper eyelid draw thin line, since internal corner of eye, towards external. Then apply ink on eyelashes. It is possible to tighten up before it them special tweezers.
  7. Blush. You apply cream-blush after the moisturizing cream, but before powder imposing. All other types of blush are put already over powder. To define the place of imposing - smile more widely - impose them on the most convex places. Not to look slovenly carefully shade drawing borders. When choosing color be guided by natural colors.
  8. Lips. Begin with lipsticks of light shades, so your inexperience will be less noticeable. If you want to try brighter dark colors, then use the pencil for lips which is ideal on color for lipstick. Do not forget that the day make-up means light, subtle shades of make-up, and evening - brighter and saturated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team