Make-up secrets: we emphasize natural color of eyes

Make-up secrets: we emphasize natural color of eyes

good make-up plays important role. It not only hides face defects, but also emphasizes its natural advantages. The main thing, was in this case able to own brush. The most difficult stage of make-up is vizazh eye. Their beauty and natural color can be emphasized by means of simple manipulations, it is necessary to pick up color only correctly.

Brown eyes 

Brown color is well shaded by blue and green colors. Depending on shade of eyes it is necessary to select also shadows. The color is more dark, the nasyshchenny there have to be shadows. Owners of dark brown eyes perfectly will suit olive shadows. It is also possible to use blue eyeliner, it will create magnificent contrast with deep brown color, and whites of the eyes will become even brighter. Shadows of bronze and silver tones perfectly will be suitable for women with soft brown color of eyes. Classical option for any shade brown is the black eyeliner or pencil. 

Blue eyes 

For blue-eyed beauties the palette of shades is quite wide and various. So, for example, by means of lilac and peach shadows it is possible to create gentle and touching image. Light brown and bronze tone will give depth to blue eyes. For daily vizazh translucent colors will be the best option, and metal shades gold, turquoise and silver will be suitable for evening actions. As for eyeliner, it is better to use black or gray. Blue, brown and green will not shade blue color of eyes, and, most likely, will merge with it. 

Green eyes 

It is the best of all for green-eyed flies to use violet shades. It is possible to give preference to flickering shadows. Plum, lilac, lilac saturated – all the same. The main thing that they had cold subtone (gray or blue). Green color – in itself warm therefore the same shades can create sickly look. Also it is necessary to be accurater with the choice of shades of brown shadows. The most suitable is honey-brown color which can be used for daily make-up. And here it is better to refuse green shades at all. They can absorb natural color of eyes.

The combination of silver and black shadows will be suitable for evening exit. Here it is necessary to consider features of eye shape. Success of make-up depends not so much on correctly picked up color of shadows, but also on method of their drawing. In any make-up, first of all, it is necessary to observe harmony. Placing accents, it is important to remember that focus has to fall either on eyes, or on lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team