Marmoleum: what is it?

Marmoleum: what is it?

The market of construction and finishing materials constantly is replenished with novelties. Production of some of them promptly develops thanks to outstanding characteristics, so, and to increasing demand. One of such nowadays demanded materials – marmoleum.

What is marmoleum?

Marmoleum is modern floor covering which just seeks to win the leading positions in the market of finishing materials, but already shows notable results. In exterior and the characteristics marmoleum it is similar to senior "fellow" - linoleum.

The main difference between these two materials consists in full-fledged natural structure of marmoleum. On the technical characteristics it also many times exceeds linoleum. Is issued in the form of rolls, panels, tile. In shops the rolled option of marmoleum most often meets.

How have guessed it?

In the 1863rd year the British industrialist and the inventor Frederik Walton managed to start mass production of linoleum on which he has taken out the corresponding patent. The inventor could develop strong and inexpensive top layer of floor covering from natural raw materials (pine pitch, linseed oil, woodflour, construction chalk and natural dyes).

After the end of World War II, natural uoltonovsky linoleum has moved artificial linoleum (from PVC), however world oil crisis has revived demand for natural raw materials, as promoted improvement of manufacturing techniques of natural linoleum.

By the beginning of the 90th years the third (intermediate) layer from the pressed granulated cork has been entered into structure of natural linoleum. In combination with technology of hot dry pressing absolutely new product brought to limit of the improvement under the name marmoleum has turned out.

Modern production technique of marmoleum

Experts in the field of construction and finishing together with designers unanimously say what in the future marmoleum, most likely, will force out all types of floor coverings, except the wooden parquet made of valuable breeds of tree. Production technique of this material consists in the following:

  • at first all ingredients mix up in certain proportions;
  • then the received raw materials infuse within 7 days;
  • the next stage – input in raw materials of fillers and dyes;
  • after that there is hot pressing of future marmoleum;
  • then cutting of material on pieces square or rectangular shape of certain size is made;
  • the final stage – drying of marmoleum in optimal conditions for it.

It should be noted that the technology of dry pressing of material is similar to manufacturing techniques of plates of MDF.

Main features of marmoleum

Completely natural material

The most important feature of marmoleum – its natural production. Thanks to eco-friendly natural structure marmoleum does not cause allergic reactions. In this regard it is recommended more and more for use in kindergartens, schools, camps, sanatoria, hospitals and other social institutions. The following components are applied to production of marmoleum:

  • oil of flax or other cultures;
  • pitches of coniferous breeds of trees;
  • construction chalk;
  • woodflour;
  • jute fabric;
  • elements of pith oak wood;
  • natural pigments for coloring.

As filler for marmoleum the marble crumb or natural pigments is used (lazurite, ochre, glauconite, hematite, shungit).

Rich color gamma

Instead of synthetic dyes as a part of marmoleum exclusively natural pigments are used that allows to make this material in any color gamma. Now there are more than 200 main tones and about 2000 various shades of marmoleum. Such rich color gamma will help to choose easily interesting option of covering which will harmoniously fit into any given interior.

Durability of drawings, ornaments and patterns

To food one remarkable feature of this natural material is in durability of its patterns. The drawing and pictures on surface of marmoleum can keep the brightness and beauty quite long time. There is it due to special technology of drawing the drawing on the surface of material which assumes printing of the picture in all thickness of layer.

Technical characteristics of marmoleum


  • Does not cause allergies. As it has been told above, the structure of marmoleum is natural raw materials.
  • Is not fuel. Does not melt at high temperatures, does not sustain combustion.
  • Emits the phytoncides cleaning indoor air.
  • Does not burn out under the influence of direct sunshine.
  • Does not decay under the influence of chemicals. It is not soiled.
  • Material can be used in the "heat-insulated floor" system.
  • Has antistatic properties.
  • Marmoleum it is easy to stack, without having in this area of any certain skills and knowledge.
  • Heat insulation. Floors when using marmoleum do not need to be warmed as he is the thermoinsulator.
  • Marmoleum does not collapse under the influence of heavy loads throughout long time. Moreover, at the expense of it the floor covering becomes even stronger. Counted: marmoleum maintains pressure about 160 kg upon area cm2.
  • As already it has been told above, the technology of drawing the drawing does by printing in all material thickness it indelible for many years. Especially it is relevant for industrial premises with big passability, for kitchens and halls of rooms. The strongest and reliable class of marmoleum – 41-43.
  • Variety of flowers. Makes the huge choice of color gamma marmoleum the real find for creative imagination in dressing and design of rooms.
  • The term of operation of marmoleum at heavy loads on surface is not less than 20 years.


  • Relative rigidity of material. Over time the floor covering begins to blur and harden. It does not allow to use marmoleum in registration of ceilings and walls.
  • Fragility when transporting. Transportation and the printout of marmoleum mean care with edges of elements of material. Besides, marmoleum it is possible to skatyvat in roll only once.
  • Complexity when cutting. During cutting of marmoleum it is impossible to achieve ideally equal and smooth cut. It is easy to disguise ugly cuts by means of floor plinth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team