Materials for roof

Materials for roof

If the base is exposed constantly to soil whims, then the roof suffers from weather patterns – solar radiation, precipitation, temperature drops. Besides, destructively affect roofs also liberation of gas from industrial areas. In order that the roof has served long, it is necessary to know properties and rules of work with materials for its covering.

At each house have to be roof, otherwise it does not make sense to spend time and money for the device of all other parts. The roof protects the house from precipitation and cold. As a rule, the roof is established on wood furring. Between covering of roof and furring also noise-insulating layers are established warm, vlago-.

Asbestos cement

This material is released in the form of sheets – pro-thinned out or flat. Asbestos cement has such properties as frost resistance, durability and moisture resistance. The most widespread asbestos-cement material is slate.

Rolled materials

Rolled materials for covering of roofs are soft materials. It is simple to work with them. they differ in good technical characteristics, however, not too strong. On roof several layers of such material are pasted to create moisture resistant covering. It is possible to carry roofing material to rolled materials.

Mastics and bitumens

Mastics and bitumens are intended for impregnation and the device of the roof. The porosity of these materials equals to zero, and therefore they differ in high density. Such roofs are resistant to influence of the aggressive environment. Are applied to arrangement of roof one - and the two-compound mastics having property quickly to stiffen.


Metal roofs differ in high strength. Before use metal is processed by special structures to reduce influence of the environment on it. Under metal roof insulation courses are established without fail.

The roof from professional flooring or metal tile belongs to metal roofs.

These coverings differ in availability, ease in processing, speed of mounting, low cost and high strength.

Durability and rigidity are provided with profile on metal sheet, and therefore simplifies work with this roofing material. Metal sheets are recommended to be established over rolled roofing materials.

Metals for roof can be various, but the zinced or painted iron is most often applied.

Natural materials

The tree, cane, natural tile belongs to natural materials. Use of natural materials for covering of roof is rather exception, than the rule. Natural materials differ in high environmental friendliness and, respectively, cost. However, their durability is low. As a rule, such materials are used during creation of exclusive coverings. They are designed to draw attention of people around as give to the building special color. You can choose those which will suit only you from the above materials. If you have made the decision to build the house, then only to you to solve what this house will be, all only in your hands. The construction portal on the Internet is called to help the beginning builders to create the unique cozy slot in which will be comfortably not to one generation of family. Only the strong and reliable building in which not only funds, but also soul are made can become the real house for all family members.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team