Mealy dew on tomatoes: signs of defeat, fight measure

Mealy dew on tomatoes: signs of defeat, fight measure

The leaves bent, covered with gray raid – typical symptoms of mealy dew on tomatoes. It is one of frequent fungal diseases of many garden cultures. And tomatoes enter into risk group. If in time not to help them, mealy dew "will whitewash" bush completely, and it will soon die.

Signs of defeat

Defeat by mealy dew is followed by emergence on bush of tomato whitish, similar to ashes, raid. Because of it the disease is called differently pepelitsa. If to place raid under microscope, then it is possible to see mycelium of mushrooms distinctly. It is easily carried by wind and strikes other tomatoes.  

First of all the lower leaves are surprised, gradually the fungus moves ahead up, and later changes color for brown at all. At late stages the infected leaves of tomatoes look as though rusty. The struck bushes are deformed and dry out. The fungus drinks juice at plant, breaking vital process of photosynthesis. 


Mealy dew most often attacks tomatoes because of mistakes in agrotechnology. Its emergence is promoted by too thickened landings. Many gardeners in attempt to place there are as much as possible bushes of tomatoes in the greenhouse, ignore the recommendations of specialists in optimum distance between plants. Often mealy dew appears also because of untimely trimming of escapes. 

Fungal defeat can appear because of watering cold water, especially in the way of overhead irrigation which promotes increase in humidity around bushes. The strong contrast of daytime and night time temperatures of air can cause disease outbreak.  

Also observance of the schedule of application of fertilizers is important. It is noticed that at lack of nutrients of soil the bushes of tomatoes are infected with mealy dew more often. The similar situation is observed also at strong surplus of nitrogen.  

But not only mistakes of the gardener lead to infection with mealy dew. Often adverse weather conditions are capable to nullify all efforts. Pepelitsa "will quickly whitewash" bushes in the period of incessant rains. Also broadcast dispute from sick plant healthy can become the cause of infection with mealy dew.

Fight measures

Infection with pepelitsa can try to be prevented. For this purpose first of all it is necessary to look after tomatoes well. Surely cut off, and then burn all infected parts of plant. Only after that start processing of bushes special means. 

Replace soil under the infected landings. It contains large number of myceliums which can repeatedly infect plants. 

If you do not want to use fungicides, try for a start folk remedies against mealy dew. In this question has well proved soda solution. Throw soda pack into water bucket, add soap, it is better economic, and carry out sanitation of bushes with interval of times in 5-7 days. Process plants before total disappearance of signs of pepelitsa. 

At strong defeat of bushes not to do without fungicides. Use such medicines as "Topaz", Kvadris, Amistar.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team