Measurement and installation of flat metal door

Measurement and installation of flat metal door

Outer door - important element of the apartment or house. It performs several important functions at once - decorative, protective, etc. Therefore it is very important not correct to pick up door, but also to establish it. It is the whole procedure which needs to be executed in due form that the door was ideal under your aperture.

Rules of installation of flat metal door are rather accurately defined. And that the result was such what would like, it is worth entrusting this business to professionals. Especially as today there is huge number of the companies which not only will take measurements and will establish door, but also will make it independently. Though, in principle, everything can be made and independently. To choose door mounting mode only to you.

Before beginning to take measurements, check what interferes nothing with you. Remove from aperture and near-door space everything that is only possible. To the maximum remove platbands from old door to release access to walls. Be guided by standards. According to them width of doors is equal to about 90 cm, height - 210 cm. It is natural that situations when there are deviations from standards meet. And it means that it is impossible to trifle with measurements.

Surely at measurements cover with several centimeters box and way of warming. Usually additional thickness is equal to about 2-2.5 cm.

If all of you correctly calculate, and door at you standard, the new cloth has to be in width about 85 cm. Height pays off according to the same scheme and is equal to about 2 meters. Except the door and box also thickness of walls is measured. It becomes by means of caliper (though skilled masters quite cope also tape measure). As option, you can put two rulers from two parties of aperture. Height has to be identical. It is necessary only to measure distance between their ends. And all - measurements are taken.

After measurements the door is usually brought for 2-3 day. It is possible to begin mounting at once. Only before it at first it is necessary to make dismantling of old door. Usually it is made by means of the normal short scrow-bar or fomka. For a start the door cloth is removed, and then the box shows off. You had to leave platbands already at measurements. The space is as much as possible released and cleaned from garbage. Only then it is possible to pass to mounting of new door. As a rule, if it does not approach by the sizes under aperture, there is no special tragedy. For this purpose there are works on expansion of aperture. Assemblers accurately delete excess centimeters of aperture and insert into it door. It becomes by means of drill or the Bulgarian, or special circle on stone.

If I eat on the contrary wide that meets much less often, it can be narrowed. For this purpose you should use cement slurry and vertical timbering.

Mounting of door is begun with door case. Insert it into space of aperture and accurately line. Further make mounting holes of 10-15 mm in depth equally spaced. Then fix box by special type bolts in wall - in the prepared mounting holes. And the free space is carefully zapenivat polyurethane foam. All this promotes that the door receives noise-insulating and heat-insulating properties. Further platbands are put on, and then the door cloth into place is established. Further it is necessary to hang all accessories - to put locks, peephole, closers, to check loops. Make sure that everything works. Then you can estimate work. The lock has to work greatly. Modern iron doors are designed to be reliable protection against uninvited guests. Locks have to be very safe, adjoin densely to cloth and not dangle. Besides always have to be opportunity to change it in case of loss of keys. Besides, it is necessary to understand technology of operation of the lock at once. Modern metal doors possess the powerful systems of protection against breaking. As a result sets of keys also get own security system. So, for example, the key recoder is applied to one of sets. It helps to reprogram the lock if keys have been lost. It is necessary to avoid expensive replacement of all lock in general.

Be ready that after the end of installation works not everything will be accurate. Walls sometimes should be closed up in addition. For this purpose polyurethane foam, putty and aqueous emulsion ink will be useful to you. Accurately to place zapenta where gaps or holes have turned out too big. Leave to be defended for day. During this time foam will inflate to the final sizes and it will be possible to work with it. The same concerns also foam which masters zapenivat space around box. It needs also to give day to be stood. Then accurately cut off surplus of foam and close up apertures by means of putty or plaster (in case they too big). It will be necessary only to paint all with water emulsion and your door is ready. According to the same scheme you can make also slopes indoors. It will be necessary only to scavenge and it is possible to enjoy new door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team